Because the light does creep in

I'm sitting by the window, my legs outstretched on the railing, my head peeking through the fresh air, my hair flying as the morning wind blows lightly whilst the trees dance to the morning melody. It's a Friday morning in Bandra, Mumbai. I can view a section of the silent sea that is right now. The birds are talking in a continuous aria and the sun has just risen, filling the atmosphere with the light kind of blue that the morning breathes in.

      I find it beautiful how in minutes of time the sky changes from the end of the night to the beginning of the day. From a silent night, disturbed by the sounds of waves to a slow and steady beginning of the day. The transformation from the dark blue sky to the mild paleness of blue to a creeping light that brings out that perfect morning shade of blue.

      Everything changes in a span of time, while some remain constant, regular, like the regular transformation of day and night that takes place. Although, there are times when the morning sets out late or the night has been conflicted with a change in climate or weather. But whether that happens or not, the day always creeps in, the light comes through. Funny how our lives intersects with the same theory..Our routine seems to be constant, regular with a certain pattern that takes place within our own passage of time and then there are times when we've been conflicted with bad times and sorrows that break through. That's not where it ends, the light always creeps in, give it some more time as it fights through the conflicts that encountered.

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