Everyone's walking by quick, like there's no time at all ( I swear I saw a guy reading a novel while he was walking or even just waiting for two minutes for the train) , everyone's running around from one place to another, station to station, not bothered by anyone that comes across. Then, there are tourists, most fascinated at the mix of life in the city, putting up their cameras and smiling by the surroundings. London. A place I'd been to earlier, but however longed to go there again. A city full of commotion and life. A city that waits for nobody. A city engraved in multicultural species and beings. A city that's on a run, almost all the time. A city where rain is not rare. Oh god, I love London.

We stayed in the main city for only about three days but almost worth it. Whether it was touring around the red bus or looking through the London Eye, everything was beautiful in its own way. However, the best part about the entire city were the streets, quite literally. I loved walking around the streets, observing different people walk by, travelling through underground trains whilst meeting and sharing glimpses with new people and most of all the beautiful weather the city was set at, with rain drops pouring just enough for us rain lovers.

I love travelling and I love how much there is to learn from each place, culture and the people. I love how everything is crafted so perfectly to something so incongruous, different and one of it's kind. However the fact that never fails to surprise me, how through so many varied cultures and  different people , we yet share the same fragments of everyday life, we all probably go through similar feelings. We may appear to look different from one another, but in the end we're all more or less,  likely the same. In one way or another.

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