The moments that wont come back

Art by Pascal Campion
That moment when you were low on sleep so you stood there in the rain laughing at 3 am, at a bus stand. 
The time when you broke down and cried because,  life just didn't seem to make any sense as you searched for something deeper.
That night when the electricity went off and you and your friends decided to celebrate new years right there, amidst candle lights and impromptu karaoke sessions. 
That moment when you didn't want to hold hands and they did right inside your bag.
That moment when you met someone for the first time and all you felt were positive vibes.
That moment when you danced in front of an audience for the first time.
That moment when you put on something or started practicing something for the first time.
That moment when you opened a page of a book and the words within connected to every inch of you.
That moment when you were so tired after an Ed Sheeran concert and you fell deep asleep in the bus back, amidst the heavy rain, cold night and warm friends.
That moment when you read a wonderful story and felt inexplicably overwhelmed and lost in the real world. 
That moment when the words just didn't come out at the right time.
That moment when you blurt out all the wrong words.
That moment when you witnessed the Niagara falls for the first time and wondered what paradise would be like.
That moment when the cutting chai was just perfect whilst the cold breeze blew and the rain poured a little.
That night when you and your friend "got high on life" and sang along the night while it stayed young.
That moment when you looked into his eyes with that knowing look, trying to speak what words hadn't.
That moment when you spent your time with tears and silence cause you realized you'd been too naive.
That moment when you turned blank in front of a crowd, even when the craving to say the things out loud were creeping in but, then you realized you were just an awkward penguin.
That moment when your batch felt like one big loving family and you thought nothing in the world could break that kind of love and togetherness.
That moment when the music somehow synchronized with the thoughts inside your head and the feelings within. 
That moment when realized you had lost a friend.
The time when you  talked about unsaid feelings and honest rambles only to make your soul feel lighter.
That moment when you hugged someone for five whole minutes, for the first time.
That time when you found out that, someone had been lying and cheating on you the whole time.
That moment of  high after watching a beautiful film.
That moment when a whatsapp conversation took on to a new leap, to something you'd never imagined could happen.
That time when you thought you'd made a fool out of yourself at dinner cause all you did was laugh at things that weren't even funny. 
That moment when your batch won and the rain just poured in that very moment of victory.
That moment when you could suddenly make sense of the inexplicable connection you have had with someone.
That moment when your heart raced a little faster, your stomach knots tangled within and uninvited somersaults took place. 
That moment when two of you were perfectly comfortable in each other’s silence.
That moment when you finally built up the courage to confess to someone that you'd been in love with them.
That moment when all your doubts came true.
That moment when your thoughts met clarity.
That time when you danced your ass off cause finally people didn't matter as much anymore.
That time when you met someone for the first time without realizing the impact they were going to have in your life. 
The time you spent hours in a library just talking about different things that mattered with someone you hadn't really been close to.
The time when you spent those minutes in the car with your family, holding on to the silence cause goodbyes were too hard. 
That time when you had your family reunion after more than a year and all you were  grateful for was being born in that very family.
That moment when you witnessed the sun set beautifully across a rather busy street.
That moment when hours passed and you were still there, at the dining table with your family laughing at irrelevant jokes.
The time when you sat all night talking utter bullshit to your older sister cause all she had was a CA exam the next day.
The time when you randomly danced at a bookstore cause they were playing The Tide is High.
That time when your childhood friends thought it was fun to experiment waxing on each other.
The time when you felt so grown up just because your older sister started sharing her inner most secrets with you.
That moment you realized that growing up was actually overrated.
The time when someone dedicated a book to you and all you were left with were no words.
The time when as a child your dad bought you that 120  Faber Castell colour pencil set and you couldn't imagine if there was anything as beautiful as that. 
That moment when you stole money for the first time cause all you wanted was a packet full of candy.
The time when you started understanding the  difference between right from wrong.
The time when you suddenly couldn't figure right from wrong anymore.
That moment when you spent the stormy night on a balcony swing with your best friend, contemplating life and all that lied ahead.

The thing with these moments are that, they are never really "little" as they may seem and they never really come back in their true essence. Perhaps they're never meant to that way, just like how they were never anticipated or planned for. These are the moments that merely cease to happen and the marks and influences they leave on us are often underestimated, understated and most importantly, irreplaceable. 

Lucas Scott, in a voice over from One Tree Hill once said, "As happens sometimes a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone."

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Burhanuddin Kapasi said...

That moment when you read Huda merchants blog And when some lines relate to you

Agrima Nipun said...

This is beautiful Huda :')

Huda Merchant said...
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Huda Merchant said...

The difference is that that moment always comes back once in a while :)

Huda Merchant said...

Thanks Agrima :)

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