Love just is.

Love is not calling every night and love is not texting every minute or texting first. Love is not liking the same things or appreciating the same art. Love is not lust or infatuation and love is not the amount of selfies you take. Love is not the number of dates you've been on or the places you've been together. Love is not your Facebook relationship status or your Instagram dedicated posts. Love is not all the goodmornings and goodnights. Love is not telling each other you love them every single night. Love is not the amount of hugs, roses and kisses. Love is not baby, honey or babe.  Love is the way mom makes sure dad's shirt and tie go together to match his pants and love is the way  dad makes sure we have juice packs ready for school. Love is sharing a special book with someone and love is the way you hold your books so close because the words within mean so much. Love is sleeping on my parents bed and feeling a different comfort and warmth altogether. Love is dad turning red on the mention of mom jokes and love is mom making our favorite dishes just so we can have a good meal.  Love is the infinite happiness you feel when you meet someone after a long time and love is finding time for someone no matter how busy you are. Love is reading a book or watching a film and thinking to yourself, "This person so gets me." Love is living away for 7 years and still managing feel the same spark of love within and love is not being bored of each other even after years of being together. Love is being able to find a connection with someone you've never even met and love is thinking of him or her transcending the barriers of time and distance. Love  is being there for someone even if they haven’t been there for you. Love is mom making sure the tea is perfect for dad and love is the way my little sister hides in the closet just so she can scare my brother and they could laugh about it for the next one week. Love is feeling at ease and comfort just by talking to someone. Love is the sadness you feel in someone else's sorrow and the smile that creeps in in their happiness. Love is praying for someone in secret, ignoring how bitter they've been towards you. Love is feeling guilty after sinning and love is forgiveness. Love is your submission to God cause you trust him with fate and all the things you cannot comprehend. Love is the way dad wakes up for fajr and tries to make sure we all do too. Love is having someone believe in your dreams and love is the thoughts you're thinking from  miles apart. Love is helping someone cause you genuinely want them to do well and love is admiring someone for who they are rather than how they look. Love is my sister texting her husband every time she leaves the office and Love is mom making sure everything is organized at home.Love is fate and love is universal. Love is not limited to a guy and a girl, but an amalgamation of all that is around us. Love is not a noun, perhaps it is a verb or maybe love can never exactly be defined but it sure can be found if only we do look around. 

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Kaynat said...

This is beautiful

Azna Parveen said...

I miss being in love.

The world around seems to be sucked out of love.

Huda Merchant said...

@Kaynat: Thanks :)

@Azna: Maybe but maybe that's how its always seemed like, but it is always there somewhere, I believe.

Maha Khan said...

Sooo beautiful...even beyond beautiful..

Maha Khan said...

Sooo beautiful...even beyond beautiful..

Huda Merchant said...

Thanks Maha :)

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