With the word distance, the first thing that really pops up to my mind is love or merely the distance between two people, two souls. But then, I pushed myself harder, so I tried to draft all those cluttered and scattered thoughts together.

I usually dislike distance, just like everyone else. The some thousand miles between me and my sister, continents apart. However, that's geographical distance;something we can do very little about.
Sometimes,I like to refer distance with spaces and time. Those empty spaces and intercedes between the phases of our lives or the distance time creates between friends, relations, people or maybe, the time that has passed,increasing the gap between me now and myself 2 years back. As they say, time and distance changes everything.

But, there are times when I work at creating distance, you know? Mostly in my mind and heart. The lapse between "what if's" and "if only's". There are spaces between my thoughts and actions, a gap left to bridge, to bring together two separates. If only I could bring myself to bridge the chasm between my thoughts and actions. If only

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