He was charming. I think that's why he was unintentionally named, 'Prince Charming', not that I build castles in the air and blindly wander myself into princes and princesses stories, I wouldn't really name him that, but he may have secretly liked it. He liked being called 'charming', not that he wasn't. He was, he is. He charmed me.
As much he may dislike those fairy-tales that I admire, he could be extremely romantic in his own luscious ways and maybe a little cheesy too. Of which, those corny lines lend me a giggle and usually add on to my admiration towards him. He's not exactly those soft, corny and cheesy guys at all though, he's my guy, almost perfect for me; like he's the one crafted for me.
It's a funny thing, we all like to perfectly outline those certain characteristics and wish for those gimmick qualities we'd want in "our" guy, keeping in mind that, that's the one we want, our picture perfect "Mr Right". But, you know what? That's bullshit. Fate has its own ways, you know. You can't decide who walks into your life, when or how but, they do. You never know, but when someone steps into your life, turns it around, becomes a part of those momentum thoughts and feelings, pierces into you, deep and becomes such a vital part of your life and before you know it, before you begin to realise..that person seems to be the one for you, even if they don't perfectly qualify for all those qualities you had memorised into your head. But, he's the one. He's that "Mr Right", because it feels right.
That's what fate does, it throws us a curve-ball, so we have to improvise. We find happiness in unexpected places and people, we find ourselves to things that matter the most. Sometimes, it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong and maybe, just maybe I belong with him.

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