When crazy seems forever ago.


They ask; "When's the last time you did something crazy?

I kept thinking to myself, seemed like the last time was forever ago. I have no idea as to when was the last time I did something crazy. Something that could actually fit into the appropriate definition of 'crazy'.
 Does Sheesha count? Nah, too typical. What about a puff of a cigar? Nah, that was nothing, too light. What about dressing up scary to scare people but miserably failing at it? Oops, that was last Halloween. What about lying on the road flat while a car almost came thorough? That was epic but seemed to fade away with time, that's what grade 12 does to you. What about jumping into the pool randomly? That's fun, but seemed like ages ago since I let myself soak in clothes. I miss the rain, you know? how beautiful that art of nature is. Not a storm, just a lot of rain falling down, enough to get you high and dance over puddles. So carefree. It's like this waterfall that washes away everything. How the sky looks picture perfect after the first wash. The way everything seems so bright and painted. The way the joy of rain instils everyone's mood. How the trees dance, flowers bloom and everyone smiles. Oh, how much I love rain. Like, literally, and you know what? it hasn't rained got over a year and maybe that's why crazy seems like such a long time ago.

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Thamanna Razak said...

hahaha omg I still remember , we were crazy , yes I haven't been lying on the road with your head almost under a car crazy lately :/

Huda Merchant said...

hahahaha, that was epic ;)

12th is such a bitch, everything has been so dull lately. -.-

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