Hello summer

I've been away for over a month, all thanks to grade 12 and hectic schedules, continuous tests ,assignments, extra classes and it goes on and on. However, all that's on a pause for two months now. Our summer has begun. First terms are done and everyone's travelling or enjoying their summer break, although there are going to days when we are going to be forced to open our books. Yes, we're board going students.

I'm gonna try to bring back the life on my blog since I do miss it. I miss my writing space here. I've been writing pending drafts of varied feelings and day dreams, unpublished. Days have been moving pretty quickly, I can hardly believe I'm done with 12th grade's first term. After summer its all only going to be about studying. Studying for boards. Boards. Boards. Boards. Oh, the pressure. But ,well, now that summer's here I'm finally going to travel. Travel to England, mainly for my brother's graduation. I can't believe he's graduating already. Oh, how time flies. Last year I was in Manhattan, all excited to witness the fourth of July fireworks and here I am getting ready for London and maybe next year I'll be starting university already. Oh my god.

So, I'm pretty excited for England. Leaving tonight. 3 am to be precise. The bags are almost packed although I do expect a little last minute chaos at home, so typical that is. The feeling that builds inside of me during travels is confusing. I'm confusing. You see, I'm excited but I don't really 'look' excited. Also, I'm scared, not sure of what though. Well, I am a very confusing person. There's always something inside my head that's revolving and interrupting the jumping thoughts that never really agree with each other. It's rare that they do. My family, teachers and friends always complain or rather talk about how lost I am in my very own world. It's like a have my own universe in here, that never really stops revolving. I think, I think alot, about pointless or little to little things. It could be about what clothes to match with what accessories or even just about how someone felt when I passed down a little comment. Little things, they matter the most for me. Oh, and I also travel to the past a lot of times. It's beautiful. My little universe in here is beautiful in it little and tiniest ways. It's surrounded with the past, the present, the future and other varied tenses that may occur in there.

Okay, moving on, I'm going to try to update my blog about all that happens in England and my summer and all those unpublished thoughts and feelings. Did I mention I bought my very own Nikon D5100 from my saved up money? Happy summer to all!

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