They'll judge it like they know about me and you.

Silence was taking over, past midnight. Our arms were clasped into each other, sharing a long hug. I tiptoed to fill the gap between our heights, but the inner vibrations from filling the gap and from the beats of a racing heart, he bent down instead. But, well the tiptoeing is cute I suppose.
       It was just a 'hug' but, sometimes little things mean much, feel much. Silence hadn't felt so alluring in a long time and if a star above the midnight sky would grant me a wish, I'd wish for this to last. Wish nothing came in between of us this time, wish nothing would go wrong this time although I know there could be a million little things that could. And foremost,I'd wish for this little bond to stretch its elastics to a never ending one.
       I don't know what this was, it had its perfect moments but was yet imperfect in every way. Although I like imperfect, this was different. I don't exactly know what this was, but I'd say I liked it in a way. The moment had to end,  but well, I'd play it over and over again until the mind begs me to stop. 
       In a typical case, this could mean 'something', but in our case, I was almost sure this wasn't 'something'. This was me and him. Something that hadn't worked out over the past times. Something that broke too easily. Something that shouldn't be looked back upon. Something that shouldn't be given any chances anymore. But yet, with the feeling of hope, I hanker to myself aimlessly, that sometime it will, not soon, but well, someday. Who knows?

My kryptonite, my weakness. 
Something I should be quite over by now. 

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Koo said...

I love this! You write so well :)

Huda Merchant said...

It means a lot to me :)

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