Apart from the daily chronic


We're sitting in class, while the hallway is breathing silence with a phone ring interrupting the quietness once a while. It's quiet, not like the usual days. It's peaceful, after a long time. I like the idea of free classes, it means we could do anything, without being restricted to one subject, one lesson, one book. I have this strange liking towards these times, these moments. Bored, but peaceful. You're sitting in the silence, as a little of life goes on around. Life's beautiful like that in a way, A weird way, but still nice. Something that occurs only once a while, it's not the daily routine and I like being apart from the daily routine once a while.
       No teacher running her mouth, trying to explain to us the numbers, definitions, etc. No doubts of confused students, no watching over the time to when the class would finish, no interrupting thoughts as the lecture is still on. You're just there, everyone's involved in their work, silently or in little whispers here and there,voices of footsteps at the hallway and echoes of soft voices from teachers across the staff room. I'm free to myself, in class, with no intention of really studying anything, no restrictions to what you're supposed to be thinking, writing or reading and that's what makes me write this. 
      I like this once a while, being apart from the daily routine, experiencing a day at school that's not very typical or classes that are not typical, for that matter.
     A senior enters our class, "Why is this class so dead and quiet suddenly? bring some life" No one really answered, I'd say we all were a little too involved in the progress of our thoughts and the life that lies inside of them. A classmate reminds us of only 3 minutes remaining for the next class, another girl wakes up from her dreams, a chair falls, the bell rings, there's noise again. The normal routine is settling in again and I have to make my way to math class, whining about how much I hate math classes, I collect my books and walk straight to class. The moment's over. We're back to the typical routine. The daily chronic has knocked in again. Sigh. 

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vikram said...

Didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for sharing this. Will def go through all your posts. I want you to visit my blog also and share your comments, and I'd love it if you become a member also


Huda Merchant said...

Sure, I will.

Thank You for passing by.

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