The thoughts of my lost mind


It’s mesmerising only when you are not stuck in one… (by rogvon)

It's like I'm moving, but with no direction, you know? Like, I'm living everyday just like any other, with not so much on my mind, clouded thoughts and mixed feelings.

I start to wonder, What am I doing? What's my purpose? And I seem to be so lost in the search of its answer.
Sometimes, I begin to wonder where I'd been for so long? Did I lose trace somewhere or is this just some bizarre dream? Nothing and A lot goes through my mind, past and future concerns, while the present makes its way through the passage of today. I feel like I've lost inspiration somewhere. The inspiration that once was there, where did that go? I feel like a there's something missing, like a place waiting to be filled, like a picture waiting to be painted or an empty book waiting to be written.

Maybe Its a phase, a mood or just life like this. I'll just figure it out on my way, along the mysteries that surround.

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Raajii said...

The fact that you are asking these questions is the start to finding your reasons. Good luck :-)

I love the photo :-)

Huda Merchant said...

Thank you.

And,thank you for passing by my blog :)

Shreya said...

These are very psychological questions, and its answers are different, depending on an individual. But, nice post. :)

Huda Merchant said...

True that, I hope I find my answers soon.
It's just this whole phase y'know?
But thanks though, cause I didn't expect this post to be good enough. :)

And, welcome to my blog :)

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