Outside that flat screen television

There's no limit to what you can dream. You can expect the unexpected, you believe in magic, in fairytales and in possibilities. Then you grow older and that innocence is shattered and somewhere along the way the reality of life gets in the way and you're hit by realization.
 You know how life can't be like the movies? You know how everything can't be a 'happily-ever-after'? You know how characters in the walks of your life won't just come running back to you? You know how people will eventually leave no matter what they say? You know how the hero and heroine can't always be together? You know how even when things break apart can't come back together? You know how you can't find the pieces to your puzzle? You know how two people just can't be together no matter what, and no fairy-tales work? You know how people just can't change overnight? You know how villains CANNOT become good people in a day or two? You know how it can't just perfectly rain there at that moment? You know how every moment cannot have a background music to it, not ANY moment, EVERY MOMENT? You know how your hero is not gonna wait there outside your window? You know how someday out of the blue no one's just gonna come knocking on your door? You know how your best friend living miles and miles away can't just take a plane and come to you when you need her the most, right next to you? You know how you can't just sit there and cry all the time on your bed and magically everything's gonna be okay? You know how whores cannot just become decent fella girls overnight? You know how you can't just start dancing and singing whenever you want? You know how a 'yes' cannot magically turn into a 'no'? You know how EVERY dream can't just come true? You know how peace is not 'a piece of cake'? You know how people can ACTUALLY be really heartless sometimes? You know how anyone cannot just gift you the most perfect thing you've always been longing for? You know how you can't get EVERYTHING you want? YOU KNOW HOW LIFE CAN'T BE A MOVIE OR A SITCOM OR A SHOW. BECAUSE, IT'S LIFE. YOU KNOW SMALL WORD, BIG THINGS?  It gets sad, it gets in the way of your path, it makes you happy, it storms you with hurricanes, it throws you up and then straight down, it lifts you up, it teaches you patience, it doesn't let anything just happen, it hits you late, it hits you now. Sometimes, life gets sad; life gets happy but, whatsoever, it is by far the most beautiful thing ever. 

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QM said...

Yeah I understand :(

Sometimes I wish I could live in a movie or better yet, a storybook - where everything is just...right.

Love this post <3

Huda Merchant said...


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