People always leave, eventually.

She stood there facing him. It was half past 8, at night. She was there standing front of him with her heart pounding and beating faster than the usual. There were more than just butterflies in her stomach. There were sparks every time he touched her. Every time he put his hand around her. Every time he leaned down to hug her and make her feel that he was there, there to apologize for what had happened a few days earlier. It felt more and less like a dream. Something she'd probably really wanted, wished for, after she had lost all hope on him, decided to let go of him. She thought they'd never work out and that he wouldn't care less, she thought again, again that people lie and people do leave. But, there he was, to her surprise standing there hugging her. Making her insides do somersaults.
    "Please don't leave me"
"I wont, hopefully, I love you, and I'm sorry for everything" 
He hugged her, she felt assured. She believed in those lines he muttered. Little did she know that the little thing she started to believe in was gonna end in 2 weeks.She wished those minutes lasted forever. She wished she could hold on to them for a longer time. She wished he had meant those words he said. She wished that it was not the same, just like before. And, as the memories washed away, she plays them over and over again on replay. She believes in the clear notion that people do leave, people drift apart, that some things could never last and that you can't trust everyone so easily, that it's not easy to let people in, cause when some of them, they get in somehow, without your permission and when they leave, the memories they leave keep playing over and over again. She couldn't imagine how different her life would have been without him. She liked it and hated it at the same time. But, there are no regrets. Even though, when she thinks to herself whether it ever meant something to him, but, nonetheless, it meant something to her. Maybe that was the silver lining of the dark cloudy story, meeting him, knowing him and most importantly, falling in 'love' with him.

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QM said...

I couldn't agree more.

No matter how much they mean it at the moment, one day....they just disappear :(

Huda Merchant said...

I know right :/
ugh life.

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