Art Auction; what talent, what an experience.

Marsha Sinetar once wrote; “Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals - Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want” I think what she said can be true in my case, my life wasn't as beautiful as it is now. 2 years back I hated this place and I was under this cave of depression and my mom kept telling me 'what can you do? this was destiny, we had to come here under certain circumstances, all you can do is make the best out of it, god has something in mind, he's gonna show you your way, he doesn't just do things like that' And I was all like, yeah okay you know it's been so long and then I began to fathom over the words of my mother, i do have doors opened, i do have things to be happy about, life is different and beautiful, things have changed so much for the betterment of everything. You see how God does that, it's wonderful and I wonder why don't atheists believe in God. ( No offence, if there's an atheist reading this)

 So anyway, coming to one of my most recent and amazing opportunity, you know the whole thing about being a freelance writer has changed a lot of things. So, I went for this 'Art Auction for Humanity' by Benefit Arabia Organization to get any feature for any of the supplements. I found out about the event through facebook long back and was in contact with the organizers who also gave me a press pass for this thing which I'm probably gonna keep intact with me since it's my very first press pass and wearing it that day I felt so proud of myself.

It was a Monday and I reached the Westin Hotel Ballroom at 7 and the watchman opens the door for me and gives me way and guides me inside to the main hall. I talk to the young girl at the counter, write down my name in the media page and then get my badge, I felt good. I look around, I'm scared, I'm not sure how to start so I just randomly move about around the hall since not many were there at that moment. I look around at a few paintings and pictures, the waitress continuously offers beverages and cakes and all I had was a Kiwi drink.

I could barely figure out who could be the artist for the pictures, I didn't see any one really standing with their work. Just random people here and there, all so confident, beautiful and with some company. I felt weird, I felt envious, I wanted to have that confidence I lacked. I envied how some girls could carry themselves so gracefully, I really wish I could present myself like that. Then, I ask this one volunteer  about the artists who were supposed to be there, she guides me to one and says that they were still to come. I decide to go to this artist/photographer who was talking to someone else at that moment, in my eyes, the person he was talking to, was a reporter. Looked like you know, tall lady with a recorder in her hand. I observed for awhile. Then, later when I went by, I was still scared inside, I still go up to him, introduce myself, ask him questions and take pictures of his work and him and get his card. It took less than 10 minutes for sure, and I wasn't really satisfied with myself, not at all.
Later, I see the crowd increases, there's also a live artist at the centre of the ballroom, drawing his picture. To cool myself a bit, I just stare at what he does, take a few shots, etc. Then, Later, I go past the work of different people, then I come along this photographer; to be honest, he caught my eye fifteen minutes prior to when I found out that he was standing there for his work. Yes, he was cute. Well, then I go up to him, introduce and talk, this time a little less shy. He seemed all sweet and so interested in when the issue for this story could come out. I fnish talking and taking pictures and then move away.
  Mir Anwar; He was this New York based wedding photographer, raised in Jeddah/, his work there was mainly the places in Jeddah, pretty much significant to his childhood spent here.
Then, as time passes I go around, take pictures, meet other artists or photographers and begin to have the confidence in myself. I met great people, each with such amazing perceptions and thoughts and creativity, out of all my favorite was this 20 something girl, she was beautiful photographer, she pursued photography during one of her summers in Paris. She confesses that she's always been afraid to take pictures of nature, or rather can't take pictures of nature. Later, she asked her instructor, and he said "You don't need to only take pictures of nature, you can combine.." that thought stuck in her mind, she pondered over a leaf at home and soon came up with her own ideas to portray nature. Her photographers looked so difference and anomalous, I was so impressed. She was so far the only one who I spoke to SO much and all her photographs made so much sense to me. She studied photography during one of her summers since she felt the vibe of photography because of her artistic family background. Her photographs were mainly centred around the idea of self expression and emotion. Each photograph depicted her feelings inside, her perceptions of life and the things around her.
                                                               The Tree Whisperer
This basically shows that; the tree is whispering to the human but we must speak with our souls since nature doesn't understand our language, hence the mouth was photoshopped.

                                                       'Mother's Identity'
The wires she's used, depict a nest which shows the identity of a mother. And overall, the picture shows that; a mother doesn't really need her senses to recognize her own children.

More pictures by her;

There are more pictures, but then, that would make my post too long than it actually is. There were in total of 7-10 artists I interviewed, 6of them being photographers. This whole event was so inspiring in all aspects and the people present there, were amazing, I really had a great time there, all by myself :)
Oh, and did i mention that the youngest participant there was a 6 year old? I was so shocked and surprised. And, I'm doing a cover story on her for the children's magazine :) such great talent and such an age.
There are like more pictures I'd like to post of the other paintings and work, but I decide to do that regularly with each post I write, a picture with its depiction.
Oh, and here's the article I wrote related to the event. 

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OMG i am so jealous :P It must have been a magical world in there.

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