A phase..

When you feel like writing down every single detail in your diary because you fear you'll forget it, you do forget it eventually after two years. You forget what hurt you that time, you forget what pissed you off so much that you cried, the things you remember THE MOST are the times that made you happy and sometimes, it's those little things that make you smile again. Of course some things hurt and you're gonna remember them but  I think we all grow and learn eventually that life, is a balance of holding on and letting go and, time heals everything. And with the sad times, there are happy times to come. At one point someone would seem so important to you and now they're just a part of the other people you know. People come and people go, some come back, some stay, some don't bother anyway. Change is a huge part of our lives. We all go through our different phases.

So, I was going through old personal diaries cause I was planning to throw them all away since my little sister opened my present one and read some line from it. Dark secrets. So, I don't wanna take anymore chances, I mean i get it, I started writing cause I was alone when i just shifted and writing made me feel so much better, I didn't even have a blog back then. I wrote down everything, every time I got irritated and depressed, which was often two years back. And now reading back, I don't feel stupid but I feel like there were so many unnecessary little things in it and that's not the point, I started writing cause I fear I'll forget..but if the memories are priceless, they wont be forgotten. That's what makes life worth living. Those little moments you'd never forget. I don't wanna write down everything I'm living, I just want my life to be worth it , when i look back, I want it to make sense and I want to bring back those happy times I've had with so many of the people. So, I'm gonna stop with the diary, the one with everyday stuff, or depressed stuff or even happy stuff.  I do realize it was a phase, you can't keep a diary forever, it may get lost, get in the hands of the wrong person, and you don't want that. I just wanna live with purpose and sense, and remember those memories I've had not read. Though if I get old I might forget, haha, but  diaries don't last that long anyway. 

"One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's worth watching.."


And I am grateful for that(:

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