The power of choice..

"Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny" -Harry S Truman

I was never a believer of fate or destiny. I didn't firmly believe that everything was written or decided from before. I thought It would be stupid, why else would we work so hard to earn something?  That can't be destiny. Then people shouldn't be blaming students for failure, it's destiny right? So, I never believed in destiny. I thought that was just a mere reason for people to say, " Hey, it's destiny" 

So lately, I'd been in this fuddle that whether there was a destiny or not. Are things just meant to be sometimes? So, after a lot of discussions with people and a little bit of research, I come to the conclusion, that yeah, there is destiny, yes, some things are meant to happen, somethings are out of your control and they just happen. Like, it was my destiny to be here, in Saudi Arabia after coming back from India. There is destiny. But yeah, there are things which you can change, everything is written, what's going to happen is written, but we have the power of choice, the choice to do the right or wrong. The choice to go here or there, and our choices could change our destinies. But, something's are written for sure, whether  you choose for it or not, some thing's are meant to happen, something like how two people just end up being together out of nowhere. 

Destiny does not mean you just sit there and wait for it to happen, you make it happen, that's THE CHOICE you have. You decide whether you want it or not, you decide whether you'll work for it or not. You get what you give. Obviously, a murderer wouldn't just murder someone cause  it is written in his destiny, it was the power of choice. It's said that we have been given the power of choice, and with the choices we make, we build our destinies, we do something bad or bad, we have to live with the residue of our choices and the consequences of our actions. 

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1 comment:

Thamanna said...

♥Love this post.
there are times when all I do is sit and wait it to happen buh then I realise its not the right thing to do. Its definitely not destiny alone that happens .

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