It tends to happen,a lot.

It's so strange how things seem to change so fast, how people turn into another version of themselves..with all the changes and people around me, I wonder if I've changed too? Time changes everything, sometimes it heals things and sometimes  worsens it. I hate how people who once cared don't seem to care at all anymore, it's so disturbing, the uncertainness of things, the uncertainness of people leaving, the uncertainness of feelings,  the uncertainness of life itself.. I feel so lost right now, I can't express in proper words about the whereabouts of my thoughts. Thoughts are just gushing in and out , I wonder if I just misread things, maybe it's not what I think but, nothing at the moment satisfies me enough to change what I feel.

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QM said...

Time is a cruel thing. I have a best friend who I don't talk to anymore, not because we hate each other but because we outgrew each other.

You'll soon find yourself in the right place with the right people. Don't think too much. Just let it come as it may <3

Huda Merchant said...

Awwww, yeah I know though it tends to get really disturbing sometimes, but thanks :)

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