Let's just pretend and make wishes out of airplanes

November is here. Finally. October somehow felt longer than the month before. Anyways, I'm so glad it's november. There are reasons why, there's a reason to everything right?

"Maybe there's a reason behind it all, we just don't know it yet" -G.Mattias

But, sometimes you can't find reasons. Atleast I can't. Some thing's just happen. No reason. But, everyone says that everything happens for a reason, EVERYTHING. I get why bad things happen but what about the usual things or happy things? I don't know what I'm talking about. Ugh. Confused. Okay, drop reasons.

I found this wishlist of mine when I was 10, the wishes were really like a typical 10 year old but the great part, they all almost came true! Seriously. I was like ''wow" so sometimes wishes do come true, even stupid ones. Except that when I was little, I wanted barbie to be real, yeah those things don't come true ;-) but my mom once told me that the barbie came into reality in the form of my little sister. She's big now. I mean she's 9! So anyways, whatever it is, wishes come true. Sometimes, something you really want. At some point of life you're gonna achieve it. Wishes are granted. So, here is my latest wish I made up in my mind, things I want, some are stupid silly ones and some are the serious ones. Nonetheless I would like it if few of them came true if not all :)

1. I really wanna figure out what I want. Sometimes I wander along my thoughts, sometimes I don't really know what I want.
2. I want the coming summer, that is from May 2011 to be awesome. I have a feeling it will be.
3. Wanna visit one Taylor Swift concert. Really wanna go for one.
4. I want to have pinkish streaks, the temporary ones, the one you can wash away I guess. And I just dont want them, I want them to suit me. 
5. I wanna get close to all those friends who have drifted apart completely.
6.I wanna be a fashion designer, I wanna work hard for it so that, when I achieve that, all the hardwork pays off and it's gonna be worth it.
7. I wanna travel the world. Not right now but later, like after a couple of years probably with my husband. Hahaa. Random.
8. I DO NOT wanna procrastinate so much =P
9. I wanna stop the bitching and back-biting that sometimes I might intend to do too.
10. Apart from the fashion designing thing, if I don't make it through or even If I do, apart from that I wanna do something in Commercial Arts or photography or commercial arts itself. And, I wanna be a writer, a part time writer.

Oh and I really wanted to share the whole Breast Cancer campaign held here in Jeddah. Sadly, I couldn't go, I really wanted to though. But, it really was beautiful. It's said to have been the world's largest human ribbon. And what makes this greater is that they broke the record  in a place like Saudi Arabia, where they say women don't have enough rights. And I know a lot of us staying here complain about the country often but really, look at the brighter sides. This place is really wonderful in it's own way. Two sides of a coin right? Anyways, I'm proud of what they did for creating awareness and making the whole campaign such a successful event :)

"Staging a massive all-women pink rally to raise awareness of breast cancer is a strong symbol in any country. In Saudia Arabia, it’s a historic feat. "

"Let it be known that as of this day, ignorance is no longer an excuse and no woman should be allowed to be left to suffer in silence," -Reema

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