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"Being a women of two components "wo" and "men", as I understand it, women are a complementary word to men in the English language. When we look at the same word in French, we find "femme" and "homme". So, the common factor between the English word and the French word is the ending which means man. However, in Arabic.. amazingly, we find that "mar'a" stands for women and "rajoul" stands for man. That alone represents the fact that they are completely separate entities. This shows us that the Arabian civilization gave each species it's own value and identity.
 People may say that religions, particularly Islam, have created divisions and wars around the world, and have diminished and discriminated the rights of women throughout time. I think this is an understated and incomprehensive view of our doctrines and roles in the world.
   Did we, as species, create our own niche and hook? Did we use the sword of femininity to kill our esteem and pride? Did we hold the light for others and burn ourselves in the name of sacrifice?  (as I mentioned earlier about how different languages show different points of views on what women are)
     Needless to say, Islam has given each an equal and different entity which reflects the culture of the Islamic world. Where did we go wrong? In which turn of the road did we lose our dignity, pride, and role as a woman? Women have writen, throughout history, the story of men. They have nurtured them, raised them, and more importantly, ruled them subconsciously. Why do we fight with men every day to regain the rights that we never lost but misplaced?  
  Women have and will rule the world by using their femininity as a weapon of peace and eternal equality. We do not want to fight to take the role of men, but we want to rise up from the deep sleep hypnosis, which was created by men themselves, to take part in engineering the politics of the world rather than marketing ourselves as products to sell.
Final Words:: respecting thyself will grant you nothing but sincere success."
                   ~~Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abd Al-Aziz
This is just a bit about what Princess Basma lately wrote in one of her articles. It's true you know, people DO think and feel that the women have been discriminated from the men. They might have been differentiated in some areas, which is different. According to my knowledge, women rights are equivalent to the men. People misinterpret things. In Saudi Arabia itself, some extremist misinterpret the actual message, the actual truth and create pointless controversies about women. But, however.. It's the WOMEN who have to recognize their rights, and fight for it. Most of them don't even know their rights! It's important, who knows what's gonna happen in the coming. 
   Anyways, jumping to another subject. Hypocrites are really bugging! Sadly, i come across a lot of them. I mean, why do people have to talk against about something they themselves do? Don't bitch about that thing or that girl when you do exact the same thing or are just like her!! Period.
    I've been getting those mood swings lately, typical I know, but yet.. Sometimes, especially during school hours and other than school as well ( not that much though).. I don't really feel like talking or anything for that matter. I don't even know exactly exactly why. Trusting issues or what?  Things bug me, not really serious stuff though but just like a usual functional brain, the head is so occupied in the most random thoughts and some things which have happened. How different things would it be if I could stand up for myself properly? How different would it be If I could just be a bit more honest with a few people I don't like? And about all the possible things in the past, present and the coming. It's not that I wanna erase or edit my past, No, I don't. I like the way just the way it was, is. Okay, well we all dislike a lot of things in the present, in our lives.. But somehow I love the imperfection of my life. Happiness is fleeting and that's just how it is in the real world. I like that. There are dry times and the next moment, you couldn't have been happier. Priceless moments. Rain, just listening to the depth of your favorite song, just watching your favorite show or just having those little giggles with your family. Or even the happiness when you could make somebody's day or just making someone smile after they've been into a crash or just looking at photographs. Happiness is weird and random just like the way I'm writing this post, just the flow of thoughts on my mind is here on this post. 

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