Make A Wave..

They say the beat of a butterflies' wings ,can set off a storm a world away,what if they're right, and the smallest of things can power the strongest hurricane ..what if it all begins inside.. 
we hold the key that turns the tide..
just a pebble in the water
can set the sea in motion
a simple act of kindness
can stir the widest ocean 

if we show a little love
heaven knows what we could change
oh yeah
so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave

The single choice to take a stand
 and reach out your hand to someone in need
(help somebody)
 don't fool yourself and say you can't
 you never know what can grow
from just one seed
so come with me and seize the day
this world may never be the same
 just a pebble in the water , can set the sea in motion
 a simple act of kindness
 can stir the widest ocean
if we show a little love
 heaven knows what we could change
oh yeah
 so throw a pebble in the water and make a wave, make a wave
 Make a wave, make a wave 

This is this song I really like by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, I first saw it on american idol, 3 weeks back. I love the lyrics. You'll should really listen to this song :)

Where is peace? No where. Like really, one problem ends and the other has just begin. In places like Iraq, Palestine..fights never stop. Even in India itself, endless rape cases and stupid fights over BOOTLESS things. People fight with each other in their own country and then we say that we all are united! 
     It's high time, this all needs to stop. Sufferings around the world are BOUNDLESS. Doesn't everyone have the right to stay happily? then why fight all the time amongst states, countries, people, this and and that. There's no reason to fight about, yet they do. Controversies are NEVER ENDING! Please just stop. Show some love, live happily, let people live, stop hatred against people, states and countries!

     I was going on telling my friend about my crush, He is not Indian. He is from Pakistan. So what? Anyways, she goes like "He's pakistani!" Okay, well many reacted like that..but seriously so what? I stay here in Jeddah and I'm friends with Pakistanis and all other country people like South Africans, Russians, Arabs, etc. Its all cool. I know that Indians have issues with Pakistanis, but I say that its all gagged up. Pakistan was a part of India long back right? And, we all should really stop discriminating and  creating differences. If we don't stop, how do you expect for the bigger change to happen, for India to have a better relationship with Pakistan than now! 
   A Change starts from an individual, And in my opinion..Pakistan is not a bad country, its equally good as any other country and it has a lot of similarities with India obviously. And like people often think that it's a country which belongs to a number of extremists and stuff, but they are wrong, its a very modern country and if you learn more about it, you shall know. 

   Since, I have a couple of friends from there, I have learnt a lot about Pakistan. And it's high time that we should really stop these contradistinguishes  between India and Pakistan.. 

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