Hard times..


Wise men say life is not easy
I guess they're right, cause nothing seems to be working out
Don't know which road to go
I just keep moving back and fro..

Confusion fills my mind
I don't know to be which kind
Everything seems to be falling apart
Right now, all I need is an understanding heart..

Cant figure out the game destiny plays
Every moment lasts forever
When I feel I've only lost my way
Now, I don't know which role to play..

Ya, they're right
Life is not always alright
But, the heart can go through whatever
Hard times don't last forever..

---Huda Merchant

P.S : I had to write a poem in this competition about life and the hard times. So here it is. I wrote it in half an hour. My first proper poetry :D

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QM said...

I love it, it's beautiful (:
Keep doing it!

Huda Merchant said...

:) Thank you very much!

Rishi said...

nice... enjoyed


Koo said...

It's very nice :)
And reflective..

Huda Merchant said...


Thank you!

Huda Merchant said...


:D Thanks. It's exactly how I feel at times.

karunnya said...

niceee............ :)

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