What happened to the friends forever part?

You know you meet certain people and then become friends and then we keep saying FRIENDS FOREVER. Bullshit. Things don't last. People change with time. A lot.

I was so depressed with a few friends who I though would be together forever..I was so wrong. I realize that we aint kids anymore, everyone doesn't get along with everyone.With time, so much has changed! Everyone's got a problem with everyone. Bitches just  wont stop bitching about EVERYTHING without even looking at themselves first.
     I mean seriously, why do people have to bitch so much about others when they aint that great themselves, have they looked at themselves in the mirror?? They bitch about others dressing sense when its actually not that bad. Okay, they say "oh shes so dressy!" Dude, its a party! Wouldn't she dress according to the occasion unlike you, whose just wearing a simple tee and jeans. And did we bitch about how simple you are dressed? No right, then why do you have to? Everyone is different, let one dress the way he or she wants. Everyone's not very fond of fashion. So, just stop bitching please! It's really very annoying!!

And secondly how people change is bad. How groups just separate due to reasons like silly break ups and senseless bitching and everyone having a problem with everyone, ego clashes, etc. It hurt me, cause I believed that we would be together for long..but I guess 'long' ends right here. Apart from fights and arguments, this is different, It has just ended.

But, I guess we really can't do anything about it. This is how life is. There's lot more ahead and we do have the one or two best friends forever. Life goes on. Friends come and friends go, some stay close, some drift apart. Accept it. This is how it is. :)

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Disguise said...

Sweetheart, people change, times change. You have to bend to it. And yeah, sometimes it sucks but sometimes it's the most amazing thing ever. :)

" Change is the only constant thing in life "

sulagna ™ said...

dishari is right babe..this is what real life is and the sooner we toughen up,the better it gets :) cheer up hun !!

Huda Merchant said...

:) Thank you!! I'm all good now. mwah.

QM said...

Changes, whether they are good or bad are entirely up to you to decide.

I went through a real rough patch too with a friend. I learned to let go and accept the change.

Like you said, we can't stop the way the world goes around. We just have to ride with it and make the best out of it (:

Huda Merchant said...

True :) I guess it happens with everyone and we just need to move on.

Rishi said...

life happens.. ppl change bcoz their env keeps on changin... sometimes they change for the bad, sometimes for the good..

but they'll always need you... my motto is to stick to them and point out any gross errors or inconsistencies they make (only the biggest ones) rest r ignored and laughed at


Huda Merchant said...

True. But how am i sure they need me? I dont think they do :(

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