In Pune..

Well,long time. I have been a little bit busy...landed in mumbai on sunday morning, then stayed there for like four days ..shopped,shopped and shopped :) And then now am here, In Pune..back home. Gonna be here until the end of march. Hoping to have a good time. I finally watched princess and the frog today evening, it was really cute!! And the funny part was after half an hour, we came across a frog or I guess it was a toad. Haha, we got so scared. Not that the frog would really ask for a kiss ;)

You know, things change. Good or bad but they all change with time. I returned here, in Pune after about 5 months and things have changed quite a bit. People too. Some in the good ways and some in bad ways..whether we like it or not we have to deal with change. Cause I too agree that i have also changed quite a bit in these few months but I think its for the good. I think I have become more bold than before and now I can take emotional stuff properly.I don't cry for every little thing, cause things happen for a reason and we all gotta believe in that. I have experienced that recently that whatever has happened to me in the past few months or past one year, it's all happened for the good. 

I agree that,more than a year back, I was really very upset when I relocated to Jeddah, Saudia Arabia from Pune. I was really upset cause I had to leave everything behind, my school, my friends and my sister too since she is studying out here. But, I knew I was going back there for something, I was going there to be back with my father. I was staying away from my dad for 6 years, only met when I went there for vacation and when he came here and I missed him a lot. And we actually left from there because they don't have many colleges there even if they have, its mostly for the saudis..well, I don't really know much about it so I shouldn't say anything. And my sister had to come to India for college and then thats how we all came here and my dad stayed there since he couldn't leave the job  at that stage. And then, we started adjusting to this place and when I was totally adjusted we decided to go back cause of reasons. So then, my sister stayed here and she will until she finishes her course and then she will be back with us, in Jeddah. And my brother now stays in London for studying purposes. 

So yea, my family is in 3 places..Pune, Jeddah and London but we do meet each other during holidays and then have a really great time together :)

Back to my story, It took me hell lot of time to adjust in Jeddah especially the school, cause I don't find it as good as my previous school. Few months out there were really bad..I cried almost everyday and wanted to run back to Pune...and then as months went got a little better..and my parents did a lot so that I would like it out there. And then finally, I made a few friends in my compound and things just got better. And I like it there now. And I know the things which have happened to me there are for a reason. And shopping is great out there :P And whenever I come here to Pune for vacation, I enjoy here as well :)

P.S::This is the first time I have actually shared personal stuff..I don't know, I just felt like. 
And, no matter what happens in your life, remember it has a reason to it and you may not realize it now ...but later you will. :)

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sulagna ™ said...

heyii honey welcome long are you here...and oh about family staying away..i know its difficult and very testing but its all for your good..cheer up..mmuaahhh

Huda Merchant said...

Hey, I am here until 27th of march.
And, thank you :) mwah!

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