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Hey...its been awhile since I wrote my last post. Reason: My finals are coming up, and I have been going outside alot.

God! Have you met these really desperate girls or guys. I'm sure many of us have.Why are they so damn desperate?  There's so much more to life! You have family, friends, etc.. why are you adding up more drama to your life and that too they date people they dont even know. Internet dating. Seriously? How can you trust someone on the internet so much, that you 'fall in love' with him/her. Some day, your right person will come, don't sell yourself for a wrong guy online!

 Slutty girls..I have come across a few.. And I really dislike them. I don't think all guys like them either. I know a lot of guys who don't like slutty girls. Even if they are pretty, they ruin their beauty by the way the act and behave.

I think a girl should dress decently or even if you're wearing mini skirts or what so ever, showing skin,etc... you should be able to carry it off well, or else it would end up looking cheap and slutty.

I don't know, I'm going through this phase where I really dislike relationships at an early age, especially when its complicated. And I so hate it when people break up for the most lamest reasons ever! And many times, especially between your friends..if two of them are dating and they break up,and you're the really close one between them..and they don't even wanna be friends anymore, it's frustrating. Because at one side, I don't want them to ruin their friendship and at the other, I don't wanna ruin mine either, cause I know I have to choose one of them. What if both both of them are like my best mates ever, it will make a lot of difference. I just want things to get better. 
   My friends mean a lot to me, after family. And few of them are just really special. I would do anything for them and for their happiness. And seriously when you have good friends and family,it's like you have all the love in the world. They would really tell you everything about you frankly, without letting you hurt.I love my friends and family no matter what. And I'm really far away from most of them, but yet I think the distance lets us be close cause true friends don't need to be close all the time, our hearts are always together, close, near and dear.
   And, about relationships and stuff, there's a lot more to life too and even if you love somebody, make sure it lasts long. Even though frequent fights and petty arguments, you can make it through. And have a lot of patience..don't go too fast and have the patience to listen and forgive. Think about how it feels in the other person's shoes and then take decisions related to them. Don't be too harsh or mean either.

P.S: This was just random talk. Just the thoughts in my bubble today.

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QM said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I have some girls in my school acting that way. I thought: Chill, you're only 15 or 17, there's more to life than having boyfriends & being popular.

Internet Dating - if I could, I would ban it. How many victims have fallen?

Dress code - you're 100% right. Bring yourself well. Being bare doesn't necessarily means you look pretty.

Most of all, friends & family are the compulsory love for anyone to live their lives(:

Love this post! <3

Huda Merchant said...

Same here, almost everyone in my school do internet dating because out here in Saudi arabia, its strict about girls and it is separate in most schools and then these girls become so desperate for a boyfriend that they go online and date.

yea, friends and family are the most important.

And, thank you :)

wondering shadows said...

i love your post.. it's absolutely true that we can judge a book by its cover for some cases. And bout relationship things, here in my country the same things have evolved. Most boys and girls change their partner for fun. Let us live our life for family n friends first before we rent our life to a guy :)

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