You're gonna be a shinin' star In fancy clothes and fancy cars And then you'll see you're gonna go far 'Cause everyone knows just who you are...


Hey, sorry for not blogging for awhile its cause of homework, projects, mood swings, changes in feelings every second day, etc.

Anyways, I was just wondering about how ungrateful we are to so many things we are given...we always crib and complain about what we don't have rather than being thankful with what we DO HAVE. I mean seriously, there are so many things in my life I have been very ungrateful to, but just look at yourself, look at your life, how is it? We all can be happy even with the most littlest things in life, thats happiness ---enjoying every bit of your life.

Sadly,all of us cannot achieve happiness all the time...obviously! but yea that does'nt mean you have to be sad all the time. Time comes and goes, good moments pass by and so do bad moments.

You know what, I was so ungrateful to my life, but as time passes by I realize how genial and happy it is.Now, also when sad times come, I get frustrated with my life, but actually....even through the dark clouded days , you learn a lot! its like every moment of your are learning something or the other. 

And, about haters....we get so angry at them and hence start hating them too cause of them hating us! well, you can't do anything about these people, you can't hate someone for NOT liking you, it aint compulsary for all the people of the world to love you. You see your favourite celebrities, they have many fan clubs but yes they even have  hate clubs!! And plus even we do hate alot of people in our lives, don't we? 

So, never mind what haters say, ignore them till they fade away...just live your life!!

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QM said...

Everyone feels life in that way too but yes, it's not good. We should be thankful to be able to move our hands, have legs to walk, food & shelter & most of all, a family(:

Haters. Sigh. Humans just have to go on wars, huh. Where's the PEACE & LOVE?

Huda Merchant said...

seriously, I'm so sick of what all has been happening in the world, can't they just stay in peace!!?

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