Right or Wrong ??

How would you know that the decision you are taking is right or wrong? How would you know whether what you're doing is correct or incorrect? I am not talking about tests or anything like that but about decisions in life and stages we go through.

Its so confusing at times when you really wanna do something but still are not sure whether if its right or wrong...will it cause trouble or what? is it really what you want ?? 

And sometimes you do know its wrong but really really wanna do it...then? Then what do you do? Will it be worth the risk??

Sometimes I really get stuck in situations where I know its wrong but i HAVE to do it or WANT to...its really confusing!! 

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QM said...

Well, like they say: Follow your heart.

But always remember to have GOOD intentions, then whatever you do, will be right(:

Life is about making decisions that'll change your direction. It's not about right or wrong.

When you make a choice or do something, ask yourself: what am I doing this for? why? do I really want to?

I did some really silly or bad choices in my life but here I am, today(:

Huda Merchant said...

ahh that so inspired me :) :) thank u QM :-)

Disguise said...

It's not whether it's morally right or wrong, it's about whether YOU think it's right or wrong.
Go with what your heart tells you to do, yeah it may not always be the right decision, but there's a strong chance that you'll gain more than lose from it. :)

Huda Merchant said...


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