Have you ever imagined how much hardwork the 'great' people do just to get that fame and money?! The other day, I was watching this show called 'tere mere beech mei' for all those who are clueless about it, its a show hosted by Farah Khan, where she interviews the celebrities in bollywood.This show is pretty different than the other bollywood talk shows, its not just the normal chat show where people just talk and talk about their next movies and blah blah. They talk about the several issues and problems they have gone through in their life.Believe me, I was so deeply inspired when I watched the episode when Hrithik Roshan was interviewed, no one could have ever imagined how MUCH hard work he has done just to reach to the stage where he is now.It seems,he use to stammer till the age of 21, now he does'nt but thats cause he made lot of effort and made the impossible HAPPEN! Like they say, practice makes man perfect, yes, very true! it does! He wanted to become an actor since a very young age, people use to laugh at him cause he could'nt say 'I wanna be an actor' properly because of his stammering!! Then, he thought about it, what he really wanted was to become an actor..yes, and there he is...fullfilled all his dreams!! He actually started from the scratch! he use to spend the whole day practicing each letter so that he could talk properly! and till date he still practices one hour a day!! And then he even had this back problem, he would'nt be able to dance...but dude, have you even seen his dancing!!! Yes, hard work, determination and faith makes things possible...There is no such word as impossible, cause there are people who have proved it that impossible things can happen!

I remember in my previous school, our principal and CEO kept telling us everytime to strike off the word 'impossible' from the dictionary cause there is no word like impossible.All things can happen, if you put your full effort and hard work to it.Be dedicated in what ever you do and excel in it! No matter what you do, even if its a little thing...putting your whole dedication makes it the best. :-)

Miracles happen!! :-) 'nothing is impossible,cause the word itself says I'm possible!' :D

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Suree said...

oh .. nice to know abt hritik's hardwork...

if anything is possible, can u make a cat from dog ? :P

so there are somethings impossible..

Huda Merchant said...

hahaha yeah those are a few exceptions!!

Disguise said...

Everything's impossible :)

QM said...

Impossible is nothing, it is the doing of ourselves that make things impossible(:

Huda Merchant said...

:) i agree with you!!

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