My name and blog in Today's Mid-day!!!!!!!!

Hey, there's some really great news, my friend's mom works in mid day (pune) and she was given to write an article on teenage bloggers and stuff, so my name and my other mate's name ::Adnan Shaikh was given with the description of our blog :-) my link turned out to be printed wrong and unfortunately my picture given was my other friends picture with Adnan. So, that was a mistake, it will get corrected. I'm really happy about this!! :D

                                                               The Article

Kuch toh b-log kahenge

Teens turn to blogging to talk about themselves, make friends and ponder over life, reports Shree Lahiri
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passionate: Huda Merchant, Adnan Shaikh and Fahad Naqvi feel blogs help them discuss issues and connect with others

Adnan Shaikh (14) from NIBM
Shaikh started this blog with friend Fahad Naqvi (14) from Magarpatta City, in April. Shaikh says in a post, "Well I Just A Lill' teen dude (for now) trying to get through his time of his life like any not so un extraordinary teen in this not so un extraordinary World!" The blog offers a mixed bag of gossip and social activities. Shaikh has uploaded many candid shots of outings with friends. "There's a corner for crushes too, and allows comments," said Shaikh.

Huda Merchant (14)
Huda enjoys writing about fashion, friends and family. Huda, who recently relocated to Jeddah, KSA, from Pune, with her family, continues to be in touch with her friends in Pune through her blog. The contents of Huda's blog reflect a journal touch, as her post topics include Glints in the life of a not-so-average teenager, On Independence day, Talking about religion, Being a girl.
Age no bar
Huda feels age is not a barrier for blogging, as she recently helped her nine-year-old sister Hanifa create her own blog. "It is childish, but it's quite rare," she said. Hanifa in her blog — — talks about her best friend, her sister and herself.
Teachers say
Shaila Surkund from Rewachand Bhojwani Academy at Camp said, "Most of them spend a lot of time on their computers and rarely take part in physical activities. But it is alright, as they talk about different things and know more than us."
Another teacher said, "It's a release mechanism, as they discuss about things that affects them."

Peer pressure

Dr Sunita Raman, a psychiatrist at Wanwadi, said, "The Internet is used as a friend. It's so impersonal and the question of inhibitions does not arise. There is no censure, but only unconditional acceptance." In their efforts make friends, kids may become easy targets. "Parental or adult guidance should be given to them," she added.

Do you know?

* Over 1,20,000 blogs are created every day
* There are over 1.4 million new blog posts every day
* 22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs.
* Blog readers average 23 hours online each week.

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Disguise said...

That is SO amazing!
Can't say I'm not jealous though :P
but maybe, this is the start of the many more which'll come :)

I'm so proud of youu!
Mwah :*

Huda Merchant said...

:D thanks a ton!!!!!!

QM said...

That is so amazing!! I envy you!


Huda Merchant said...

hehehe thanks!!

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