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I have dreamed alot of things, now I wanna make them come true, dreams are a way to escape from reality , do what you want, do the things you wished to do!
I wanna be 16 and ride a scooty which is probably purple in colour..then go anywhere I want...not just by rickshaw or ask someone to drop me.I wanna stay in India.I wanna get out of my present school and go to college or my previous school.
I wanna be independent, I wanna do some crazy stuff, I wanna dance like there's no tomorrow..though I know there is a TOMORROW, I wanna live each moment and have a bright future.I want people to like me for who I am really not for who I'm not.
I don't want to get married before 24,I wanna have a huge wardrobe,I wanna learn new things I like,I wanna try new and different things,I wanna have fun,I wanna have my priorities set right and do the right things at the right time though we can't be right all the time but the time I do bad, I wanna realize that what I did was wrong!
I want my real friends to stick with me through all my life no matter what distance or what so ever.I don't really care about the friends who are just using me for some reason or the people who don't care.I don't care about bitches and people who don't like me.
I wanna make a difference,I wanna do something more important with my life.Though to make everyone happy is a tough call I still wanna try and make people happy:-)
Sometimes loneliness and sadness helps and is needed in life though its depressing there's always a positive outcome!
I have the most weirdest and best people making appearances in my life, there are even the bad people who make their appearances but all for some kind of outcome which is realized after a long time.
I love my life, though I really hate it sometimes and there are loads of twists and bumps but its all ok cause I can always make it better! I'm writing my its all up to me!
I don't like boredom but sometimes it makes me do amazing things like this blog, which had actually started through my boredom activities and now blogging is one of my favourite hobby!!

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Disguise said...

Sweetheart, all of this makes you who you are.
I mean, if you had all of this life would be so boring na?
The fact that you don't means you've something to look forward to!

Sigh, how we wish the world'd be perfect :)

Huda Merchant said...


hmm..yeah you do have a very good point!!hehe thanks! I know we just keep wishing for life to be so perfect but actually its better like this!

Suree said...

ur wishlist rockz...

deluded said...

I come back after long time yes.

I see happy :)

I like!

Huda Merchant said...


yeah! thanks :-)

Huda Merchant said...


yeah, very very long time!!

welcome back :-)

thanks!!! :D

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