Random Talk :: Teenage love

They call it puppy love

or they say it's just an infatuation, and we'll get over it.

some people wanna fall in love , not cause they love the person, but for some other unknown reason.

some of them really and truly love the person.

We all have had crushes right? mostly at the age of 12 to 19 I guess. I had my first crush in the 7Th grade...it was really one big infatuation!! I was so damn obsessed with that guy, and I had never spoken to him or anything...I liked him cause he was adorable, really very cute.Most of us at that age did fall for looks and all, .and like every story, yes he hated me BUT just cause I liked him! Everyone knew!! The entire 7Th grade...EMBARRASSING!!My crush went on for 6-7months..then he left school soon and I later got over it.

Anyways, so why do people call teenage love 'puppy love'? I don't know yet!? Do you?? Cause according to me, even if you fall in love now, and even if you're not sure about how long it will go on, taking a risk is worth it sometimes, as far as what I have seen.some relationships might last and some might not, it's how YOU deal with it..
I know that, some people just get into a relationship for wrong stuff, some of them just want to be WANTED and LOVED, so they go around dating online and stuff, which is LAME and STUPID!
Some of them, don't want to fall in love, but it HAPPENS,no matter how much you ignore it,you DO fall in love at sometime.

They say, true love comes only once a lifetime.Well, I don't know about that.

I have seen that some relationships DO last really very long, sometimes you would actually think that they would last a lifetime,they might you know!! It's basically how YOU and you're partner deal with it.

In the old generations, they mostly had arranged marriages, that's why people say, they don't know about 'teenage love' or stuff but so what? they know about love,just imagine that you have to marry this unknown person, you kinda know him but not much, ain't it so weird that these couples who in the start hardly knew each other, have a really happy married life, It's how you deal with it, they got along really well,adjusted and now they are like some of the PERFECT couples.

Anyways, towards the end of this post, why do people call it puppy love,infatuation or just an attraction??

Why do people wanna get into relationships just to be WANTED or some other reason , but not cause they really love the person??

Why do some people ignore the 'feeling' ?? why? age? or what??

P.S: should I change my blog template,background,anything about my blog?

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soin said...

maybe its called pupy love coz it appears all cute at first and then grows upto into a dog and bites you back..

Disguise said...

Youu wrote ittt!!!
:D :D :D

Huda Merchant said...


its not compulsary to always be biten by a dog.

Huda Merchant said...



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