Will soon be back!!

I feel my writing has been very dry for the past few days..its due to the exams which start from tomorrow starting socials:) I hope I do well in all..especially science and math!! yikes!! So..well,I am grounding myself for i guess 10 to 12 days!!I'm not gonna facebook nor twitter or blog..NO INTERNET and other activities till the exams get over!! I will be back soon!! keep visiting my blog...comment ..and miss me;) and wish me luck!!
After the exams...summer vacations start here!!! I am so very excited cause I'm going back home to Pune,India after 6 months!! I'm gonna meet my sister,brother, all my friends,visit my school and have fun!!!I loads of plans for the next two months..!!

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Anonymous said...

best of luck!!

QM said...

Good luck, girl!

Thanks for the comment on my post(:
Btw you really have a nicelayout blog, love it!
Hope to hear from you soon.


Huda Merchant said...

ur welcome!! and thanks a ton :D

Adnan Shaikh said...

hey luk... i commented!! YAy ME! btw gud luk for ur xams!

Huda Merchant said...

oh yea u commented after ....ages!! btw you got shaheen's habbit of sayin yay me ??...and thanks:)

Huda Merchant said...

@adnan hope to see you guys soon!

deluded said...


and comeback soooon

Huda Merchant said...

Thanks deluded!! long time!

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