Being a girl...

Its been a very long time since my last post on my blog...been very busy studying for the exams as they start from Sunday..well now that I'm quite prepared I can blog for today at least.
Whenever I'm doing something painting my nails or doing my hair and stuff like that I feel very lucky to be born as a girl...even though man insecurities and problems and negatives which yet exist.
Painting nails....doing my hair.......converse......funky scarves.......bangles and and skirts....Even though the many insecurities I LOVE BEING A GIRL...there is so much to do...sometimes its quite annoying though when guys get to do other better stuff...but chuck it! guys don't get to paint their nails..and wear tons of chains and funky scarves! they can't wear heels or pink converse...we can wear blue or other guy colours if we want..but if they wear luks awkward!! (sorry guys).
On the other side
..girls have to be very careful on a few noted issues and we are put into chains alot of times than the guys.Some people have to understand that now the times have changed and girls are to be in
dependent to do things.Many countries and societies have opened their eyes..but what about the other remaining who are yet to be given a wake up call.Like Saudi Arabia,Palestine,Afghanistan,etc..why cant you allow the women to drive?? they are not gonna land up in accidents...why cant they go out alone? no one's gonna eat them up!! why to follow certain dress codes??why can't women do other odd jobs they want to do?
I personally feel that women can shape a better society for the future...give them their chance! while reading sayidaty magazine..I feel so good to see the rising women stars in various fields..sayidaty really shows a great picture of the women in the gulf.That's the best part I like about it.
I love being independent...though I'm not entirely at the moment cause of my age and stuff..but in a few years I wanna be an independent Lady and do what I want to certain limits ofcourse.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.nice post!!your blog is awesome and fun to read:)

polishedsense said...

I love that bag! and loving her hat!

great post! Glad I found it :p


p.s. I'm having a contest on my blog! You should submit a photo of you wearing a fabulous scarf, come check it out!

Huda Merchant said...

me too..even i love her outfit..thats the reason I put it:P Il surely checkout ur blog.

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