Im back!!

So..I'm back..though the exams ain't over yet...only 2more to go..math and MCQ science nothing to learn and I can blog.Only 4 days for me to fly!! I mean for the I'm going to India..after 7months!! I'm so excited!! I'm gonna be there for 2months and few more days..gonna join come classes of my interests to keep my time occupied during the mornings and do all that I like and be totally free..out of school and bitchiness and problems and disputes..and then later I can spend quality time with my family and friends.My family is gonna be together after 6months! :D so Its gonna be great!!I'l update almost everyday and keep my blog alive and colourful :)

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Cafe Fashionista said...

The end of learning is always fun! :)

Huda Merchant said...


Adnan Shaikh said...

YAY finally... but sadly i cant be there wen u cum 2 india.. cuz im grounded and it sux!!!!!!!!

Huda Merchant said...

i know!! how long are you grounded?? c'mmon we were supposed to go for harry potter..cant u sneak out or something!?! man i cant't go to the movies from september..coz of ramadhan i guess..

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