Talking religion..

We were born all one..and then these differences began and different religions...different people have different views and beliefs...some of these differences and beliefs lead to disputes and conflicts.
I get really irritated at people who are racist and discriminate cause of their religion or caste..and yea even colour, gender,etc..but now talking religion..why do different religious people..accuse each other!? Its very annoying and bothers me when things like that happen.Everyone has different views and different beliefs..we all have to live with these differences...why fight and create even more differences amongst ourselves...!!?? the recent thing in France about the burkha...why in a DEMOCRATIC country do we need to ban religious dressings or anything...I thought that in a democratic country..everyone is free to do what they want and practice their own religion..then why?? Its every one's personal choice..their wish to wear what they want and their covet to believe in whatever they want to believe in!
Secondly...I was reading a few blogs and stuff..and came across this person..who criticized another religion cause he/she thinks that his/her religion is the best..of course..many of us may feel like that..but that doesn't mean that you go on appraise other religions...RESPECT other religions and they respect my opinion,all religions are equal..all have their own plus and minus!
Now about majority and the minority..It sometimes happens that if a particular person does something wrong..later on if something wrong takes place..a person of the same religion is has happened a few times and its insane! I mean if that person does something wrong that doesn't mean that majority of the people belonging to the same religion are bad!? good things..and prove your religion right and not baleful! Judge people for who they are and not their religion,colour,gender,caste,etc..We stay on earth TOGETHER!!! treat everyone like how you would like to be treated..!! UNITE TOGETHER..cause 'united we stand and divided we fall' :P

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