I found my wings...Im flying!!

No...the header hardly has any connection...I just came up with anything random.So...well, the thing is that I'm leaving in about an hour for the airport...gotta get ready and set go!!I'm wearing my new top which looks really cool..with skinny jeans and maybe a hot pink and black scarf around the neck or on the neck..uh..i dunno..I'm not sure..and my favourite bag..and my new pink and black converse!!hehe yea so anyways I'll be back with my blog as soon as I reach Pune..cause I'll be in Mumbai for I guess2-3days and then Pune!! eeeeeeep!! its vacation time..and I'm gonna dance my heart off!! I wish I had my own purple or pink laptop so that I could blog and go online and do my stuff....cause the flight is gonna be long...cause its via Hyderabad:( and I'm travelling alone with my sister alone..which is not so good!! cause well she's little and they always are meant to be annoying...!! hope I have a safe journey and a fantastic vacation..2months of real happiness and fun:D see you'll soon:) muah!

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The Old Silly said...

Nice blog ya got here! Followed you over here from my blogger buddy QM's Lunatic Teenager blog. :)

The Old silly

Huda Merchant said...

thanks a lot!!

Esther said...

Huda, happy journey on your way back, because I guess you oredi in mumbai! your flight was via where I stay lol! =) Glad to visit your blog and hey the header of this blog i meant the template is sexy! I mean it! =)

Huda Merchant said...

Thanks Esther!!!

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