Who said I cant wear my converse with my dress?well baby that's just me!


Who said I cant wear my converse with my dress,well baby that's just me!!Flip through the pages of fashion and celeb magazines...and most of them wearing pretty dresses and their footwear??sandals,boots or high heels is most of the thing's you see!I was wondering,why do people follow anything and everything celeb's do!! We all do have style icons and role models,but that doesn't mean you change yourself just cause you love them..LOVE YOURSELF MORE!!
When Paris Hilton or Rihanna,come out in a red dress..with boots,the next day You wanna buy new boots with a dress similar to theirs..OK I agree that sometimes even I do like to follow SOME of my icon's trends..but not completely,I like to add my own touch to it..anyways ..recently,lady gaga was wearing a really hideous outfit!all lady gaga fans are not gonna follow that!
Set your trends and wear what makes you happy,follow trends..but don't over do it..and don't follow it from head to toe...add your own style and personality to it.
Anyways my point was about something else,that was just something I wanted to say.When you dress up for a function and you're wearing a dress, you look for some pretty sandals to match with..or nowadays boots...But i would look for something like my converse..! OK I'm not a tomboy nor too girly...My friends describe me as FUNKY ..
Nowadays converse are so IN..they've always been..now its a little more thanks to Selena Gomez:) But most of us opt for them to pair them with jeans or even skirts..but you know with a dress it doesn't look bad..it looks one of a kind and so hot!! Even the deviating Kristen Stewart wore converse with her red not-so-glamouring dress..well I liked it!simple,sweet and exquisite...TOTALLY HERSELF!!
Be yourself,do what you think is right,Wear and do things which make you

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Zeba Talkhani said...

I found the converse with dress a funky idea. But gofugyourself.com didn't think so!!!

Huda Merchant said...

yeah a different idea instead of the usual boots and heels..thats what i thought...im going to gofugyourself right now!!!!

M Saadique said...

so proud of u...!!! the order is accepted...u`l get the shoes soon!! :D hehehe

Huda Merchant said...

thanks alot!! yay one month.!! and i get my hot pink shoes..!!

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