Life....A Box Of crayons!!


I often get very inspired by alot of songs and inspirational quotes:P Sometimes songs,movies and quotes are my guiding light:) There was this really very nice quote I found after flipping through the pages of my journal.

Life is a box of crayons.Most people are the 8-colour boxes,but what you're really looking for are the 64-colour box,though I've got some missing.Its OK because I've got some more vibrant colours like periwinkle at any disposal..I have a bit of a problem..though in that I can only meet the 8-colour boxes.Does anyone have that problem?I mean there are so many different colours of life,of feeling,of when I meet someone whose an 8-colour type,I'm like hey girl,magenta? and shes like"oh,you mean purple?and she goes off on her purple thing,and I'm like, NO!!I want magenta!!

Well, in my picture,I have been colouring with many different,green,red,pink,black,etc..But I still have to use those unused colours like purple,yellow..I guess my picture looks a bit too green ..but damn.. colours of crayons cant be erased too! And now I have to complete my picture with all the colours I have...but NO I'm not using green again..I guess its too much now!

What about lime huh?? Its pretty much of a calm and natural colour...Its yet unused!I'm gonna use it soon to fill some spaces on my picture...and yea I guess I need a little more of Red and Pink fill few of those empty spaces...hmm...what about the other white spaces left uncoloured?umm..yea I guess I'm gonna colour them probably with more bright and beautiful colours:)

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deluded said...


shallow words can have such deep meanings!

but then, a girl once told me this about me

'Im like a black and white rainbow'

if that made any sense :)

Huda Merchant said...

hehe yea some words do have really profound meanings.blacj and white rainbow!!?!?! unique!

M Saadique said...

soo cutte....if u continue with the same pace...soon u`l get the 128 colour box also..!! ;)

Huda Merchant said...


Zeba Talkhani said...

@ deluded - surprised and NICE to see you hear.

@ Huda - Loved this post. YOu write well girl. Go ahead, make your life colourful.

Huda Merchant said...

thanks zeba!!

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