There's always a different view inside the bottle..


Hey,a little away from my fashion posts finally:) recently I watched 'The Princess Protection Programme" starring Selena Gomez and Demi its pretty obvious that i loved it!!It was very cute and meaningful.It was all about this girl whose a princess which is demi and a small town girl, portrays friendship,royalty,etc...its like ROYALTY MEETS REALITY.Basically my post today is quite related to the movie too...
Many times, I've experienced is that alot of people seem different from the outside..and the view inside is totally different from what they really show to be...sometimes its with me...there are people who just don't understand what you're trying to convey or what you' re actually trying to say, or your intentions.
When it comes to me,I can only share my thoughts and feeli
ngs openly with my best friends and my elder siblings..when it comes to just friends,I cant really tell them how i feel and what i really want sometimes.Loads of thoughts flow through my mind during various intervals...deep feelings and internal thoughts...I can, maybe convey them through my blog a few times but not always..maybe just not that free and open..more of an introvert.
Like in the movie,Selena is a different person from the inside...and a little different person inside.Who can actually realize what you really are,are your very true friends or your siblings...or sometimes even teachers ,Yes its true..and my true friends have seen ME..the real do my elder siblings..they know me really true inner self.It feels good when someone knows you... and makes you smile in the toilsome times..that's what friends are for:) for me friendship needs trust,loyalty,generosity,happiness,love,etc..and I'm glad I have them all in all my best friends,and yea my best friends do include my siblings.
What I'm trying to say is there is always a different view inside there in the differs from different people..but in all types,an individual does have a different view very deep inside,maybe just a little too...maybe only the flowers
are different or the all differs.
Like for example, 1)A girl who likes doing certain activities,but is not allowed to do so often tells the world..that "no i don't really like doing it..not my thing" just so that people don't make fun of her that she ain't allowed..or that shes put in chains..etc.But on the inside,she loves doing it..but CAN'T and therefore is afraid to tell the world.
2) A teenager and her group of friends...everyone around talk guys and about their "fancy boyfriends"or you can say..stuff like that, and this girl..just for the sake of "fitting in" and not to be left out in the conversations,makes up stuff, lies about having a guy too...For the world..shes just like one of those teenagers..whose been dating and stuff..but really on the inside she doesn't wanna date..there are other important things which matter to her!her dreams which have to be turned into reality and her passions,etc are what is important to her rather than the usual stuff they talk about.
3)This girl falls in love..lets say teenage love or whatever it may be,she tries to ignore the feeling but can't...decides to tell a few people she trusts, and when she tells them..after a period of time...they abuse her,they call her a slut!! only because she is attractive and a better person maybe...cause for her,what is more important is what she does,feels and what shes gonna become one day.Yet,these people have not seen HER!! What's inside is so much more different..wake up!!

You don't need to lie about stuff that you don't have or do,cause being fake for the world is being not true to yourself...believe in yourself..and believe that whatever you are UNIQUE...maybe sometimes it becomes hard to fit in cause of you're character..a good character,don't try too hard to fit in,be yourself and everyone will love you the way you are..sooner or later.

P.S: I imagined the situations,or made them up or according to what I see.

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becca. said...

lovely blog :)
thankyou for the comment on mine :)

Huda Merchant said...

thanks! and welcome;)

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