The Road to Take..

Hey..its been quite sometime since my last post.Anyways life is going on,school is as boring as ever! and I'm still waiting to go to my home!!Yesterday I was really pleased with everything..cause i talked to 3 of my close friends and they always make me happy:) I so miss them man! and yea i was really happy with everything...days are going faster and soon I'm gonna fly to Pune alone!!yay!But as usual in my complicated life.. problems occur,disputes,loneliness or anything just comes my way and the happiness achieved is also turned into frowns.I mean seriously first of all school is such a turn off!! I thought 9Th would be a little better! but omg there's so much to study and so much portion..especially Math!! I have no idea how people like math! the only thing i like about it is we don't need to learn anything in it..! But seriously is so complicated!!blah...anyways what I wanted to write about was my future..uh future---2years from now!!hmm yeah so I want to do fashion designing as my career in the future..its been my dream since a very long time! andI wish to fulfill it soon.
    Recently my mom was just randomly talking to some family friends... not going into the details..but in brief, They say that I should take commerce instead of arts in 11Th..! NO WAY cause commerce includes alot of math and math is so not my thing! the reason is that from commerce we can go into many streams if we wish to change our mind in the future or so,but in arts there ain't many streamlines to follow if I wish to divert my way from fashion design.
    I am pretty sure that I don't want to change my mind in the future...I really wanna take up fashion design..Why do they say I'm just tempted to the glamour and stuff!I'm not! I don't like glamour and stuff,I'm more of an introvert and I wanna do it cause well,that's my interest--style,fashion,clothes,etc..Its hard and full time but I'm writing my story so I have the right to do what i want... to limits though.
    Anyways if anyone with the knowledge about this is reading my post,please suggest:S .Though I still have almost 2years to complete(i hope they go fast..I wanna get out of here!!) and that's alot of time but as they say goals are like road maps..we can wander around or set goals for ourselves and I like to set goals...not wander around the road.
      Guess what I have math tuition in awhile!! I hate math! And i cant find time man..there are so many family gatherings and we meet the same people every time,its really very boring!!I cant find time and time is just passing by! I really gotta start studying since my term exams are a month away..and i wish they pass fast.and then HELLO PUNE!! yay!!

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deluded said...

aye aye.

well dont let ANYONE choose what subject you'll take in 11th.

that much advice I can give.

also, regarding the fashion thing.
well, I cant say anything.

but i CAN however forward you to someone who does have an idea

she just got into NIFT.
so I guess she'll be fresh on fundaes.

good luck!

Huda Merchant said...

thanks and I'm grateful to you that you read all my posts and leave a comment:) I'll surely look forward to the girl's whose link you have given me..thanks alot!!!

Miss Expressive eyes! said...

hey sweety, i think u shud atke arts, n ppl say u dnt have much options after arts are wrong! arts opens up a lot more options, i wish i had done arts :-) love u n proud of u!!

M Saadique said...

proud of u mithi!! do whteva is best for u...alwys ther for u...
and ya when u come to pune, u can find all u want abt NIFT..and other options! :D
n btw maths is nt boring..i got 100..n yr sista got 98! hehehehe ;)

Huda Merchant said...

Miss expressive eyes: Yea..arts seems to be the right option for me!!people also na!;)

M Saadique:thanks alot..everytime there standing strong to support me...!!! got 100 in 1st std!! and well math is still BORING

Zeba Talkhani said...

Well everything you want to say is already said by others! And I am a lil late in reading this I know. Good luck. Follow the advise you are getting. Be strong. Be consistent.

Huda Merchant said...

thanks alot!!

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