Accepting My Mistakes

Hey bloggers! Guess what i got three of my mid term answer sheets and I'm quite happy about my marks but i did realize few things that in English i lost like few marks cause of grammar and comprehension, but I'm not  upset about it,cause i did my best and that was my result and ill try harder in the 1st term and pass with flying colours!anyways so my post is about accepting our mistakes.Many of us make mistakes in life like everyone does, some people accept them but many of them don't!they instead blame it on other people who are accused for no reason!I've come across such experiences and its not a very good one.
         Everyone makes mistakes during their life...and its nothing bad to do mistakes,its a new way of learning, learning from your mistakes and moving forward with a positive attitude that you would never repeat the same mistake again.But,on the other side,there are alot of people who really don't accept their own mistakes and then they blame someone else and its so silly! Don't they realize that its their own loss, cause its their opportunity to learn something new and look for something better.
      Looking back, Even I didn't accept many of my mistakes and i regret that, but it was quite long back,  before our principal in Pune always told us to accept our mistakes and she gave us many examples from life and that lightened my mind and now i accept my mistakes and learn something from them.I think we shall all do that:)  

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Nick Valentino said...

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone fails. It is simply part of life. My motto (sort of) "Fail Forawrd".

M Saadique said...

The master blaster Sachin Tendulkar lost a match in which he scored 99 out. After the match, in an interview, he blamed himself for the loss, he did not blame the bowlers who gave off 15 runs in an over, neither did he blame the batsmen who got out with single digits. He said, I wish I could contribute more to the team. Next time I WILL!

believing in yrself is the main part of success. and realising that is what makes u unique! :D

Huda Merchant said...'nt that what someone said before i mean you know i guesss different words though:) I feel so proud to have cricketers like him in India!!
Yea believing in yourself helps alot..and boosts your confident too!I am unique:):);)

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