On a Few Good Things...

Sometimes in life we often feel broken down, feel like we ain't any better than others and feel all lonely and feel like you have hardly got anything in life..Well i feel the same way sometimes..when i look at girls who may look better than me and have prettier stuff and how cool they are,but looking back and thinking about things rationally, we shouldn't really feel bad for things like that cause all of us have got the best things  life could give us..and if things ain't better at the moment...it all gets better with time.
     What my main content about today's post is : "looking on the bright side"a quite long back ago one of my friend had few problems with LIFE so i tried helping out...I don't like it when people are so negative about life..well i too am sometimes but then i think over I get over it...cause life has alot to offer! so well..i tried helping him by telling him to pick the good things in life...even the most little things...which all places you visited, your friends,your features,looks,compliments people have given you...everything!and I'm really glad that it helped:) it does alot cause while writing these things..memories return back+ when you actually write them down..it makes a difference thinking about the great things in life:D so I'm gonna make my list of the  10 great things in life!and people reading this should try it too..:)
1.I have a wonderful family who love me and i love them back:)
2.The best friends anyone could have!! They almost do everything for me and they care hell alot and i love them alot!!
3.Got role models in my family itself:my parents(of course) and my sister and brother:0i love them!
4.I went to one of the coolest school ever!(at least for me it is...even though many people who are studying in it don't like it..but one day they'll know the difference it has put on us)
5.I'm gifted with creative talents and if you think you've not got that one talent..you have to develop it cause God doesn't give us everything,we have to invent some things on our own.
6.I'm happy that I'm a good girl(i mean yea right?) i actually  mean..there are some teenage girls who tend to take life too fast or some of them who are rude and snobs..I'm glad I'm not one of them.
7.I'm proud to be an Indian
8.Ive got a really pretty and big house:)
9.I have been to lots of places in Europe(but i was too small..so i don't remember much..but..yea), London(for the second time...it was so freaking awesome..i went there with my cousins for my cousin's wedding),North India,some pretty hill stations,and many places more.
10.I have a dream.(There are few people who don't really have an ambition...but its important to set a dream..a goal which can, from the darkness, lead to the beaming light:)

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Zeba Talkhani said...

You sure are a lucky girl to have for the 10 random things!!! Mashallah

Huda Merchant said...

hehe thanks:))

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