Why is everything so complicated?!Why cant things be all right!!Why do things have to fall apart!why cant I have better things..! These are some of the random thoughts which flow through my mind especially nowadays..I'm so sick and tired of school!! and then i get so bored these days,there's no enjoyment at all!school is all about studying now!I miss Pune!I wanna be best friend feels lonely,just the way i feel..i wanna be with her.I don't wanna stay in a triangle life!my brother in UK,my elder sister in Pune and me,my sister and my parents out here!Its my teenage life and I'm not enjoying with my friends and everything is out of place.I know i say it sometimes that to take the bright side of life and look at the positives and to make the most out of life cause we don't know whats gonna happen the very next moment!I do believe that but i have no clue how do I make my life a better adventure...Well lets see right now to make things better and yea i wanna change!I need a change!Starting from my room,presently its blue! weird cause I'm a girl..yea obviously i prefer colours like pink and purple but i was sharing my room with my brother so well is not bad but i need a colour which speaks my personality and something that is ME and since I'm gonna be here for the next 2years(at least that's what its like now..i wish things could change) so i wanna revamp my room and make it look prettier and more of me.I did love my room in Pune, it was blue but it was like "MYSELF" my room had alot of handmade stuff i made and one wall was striped blue and white!and rest all was navy blue!awesome eh..?Anyways getting to my room out here,I asked my mom if i could paint...I've never painted my room..we always had painters and stuff..but this time i wanna paint it myself,so Ive been looking for some creative designs and me myself inventing new ideas:)
       The next thing ..I wanna change myself!I don't know,not completely but just like a little bit of me doesn't agree with myself..weird??or is it pretty normal..? I've been thinking of different changes and how can i make my life a better ride,school may not be like before anymore,where i enjoyed school before and waited for the sun to that i could go to school and meet my!do crazy stuff and then during class we..the teacher talks to us and jokes around or well teaches! haha anyways going off the topic...but yea my school life did change alot after 8Th 1st term..anyways school  here is all right,no comments on that.
    I do try to do things i like, thats what my brother said,to enjoy myself,to do somethings which you like so that time passes and it even broadens stuff out.And yea another thing,to do something exciting and do need to get out the house right?I love shopping and i haven't gone to any malls lately..I'm SO desperate to go now..i just need some cash though:P
            OK so what I'm trying to say is that I'm too bored of my life and i need some change!!Any ideas please??


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Anki said...

Thank you so much for your very sweet comments about my card. I must say that you got plenty of talent. You do know how to catch your audience - do you ever want to work with media or as a journalist? Well - you got it. I know what you mean about a change. I think this is what we all want from time to time. Especially during Spring (as it is here in Sweden). It can be anything from a new haircut to a total make-over. However - we need to remember - we can never change who we are. I think you already almost know deep inside who you are and what you are about. So go for it and try to fulfil your dreams. I can tell you that one of mine were fulfilled this Valentine's Day - that's the day when my images were released as stamps - called Anki's Sweethearts. I have always loved to draw -but working fulltime, being a Mom and taking care of the household does not leave much room for your own dreams. That was until Susana found my blog and asked me if I would consider to draw some images for her. And now it's so much fun - that I really would love to do this fulltime - but that will not happen (yet ;-)) Sorry for this long post - but I think you are very talented and keep in mind - you are only 13! Kram and wish you and your family a super weekend! Anki

Huda Merchant said...

thank you so much!! I'm really happy that people do read my blog.I love all the cards you make and i think they are very creative, i love making cards too and Love making different things...though i wanna do fashion designing as my career in the future...hope my dreams will come true,I'm glad your well wishes are with me.Thanks alot again!!have a nice weekend!

M Saadique said...

"The ONE who brings out a miracle in an unexpected place is the one who succeeds"

Legend Mansour Bahrami was an Iranian player known for his entertainment and awesome plays. He was born in 1956(i guess, he is 53 now) in Iran, where at that time tennis was rare. At the age of 12 he worked as a ball boy to afford his racket. With all his savings from the age of 10 till 21, he left for Paris to complete his dream, to become a tennis player and BANG today he is the funniest tennis player I have eva seen

M Saadique said...

oh sry for the grammatical mistakes! hehehe

Huda Merchant said...

Funniest!! hehehehe aww cute! its quite true that after hard work and determination,dreams come true!!! hard work so payss!!! wow I'm getting inspired alot:)

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