An Incomplete Life???


During Library today i was browsing through magazines and i came across an article on the Aarushi murder case which was like a year ago! The header said"AN UNFINISHED LIFE" the article talked about  Aarushi's life and there were pictures of her and her friends and her scraps and there was a brief introduction about her which said that she was a scholar,had a boyfriend who was 15,loved scrap booking, loves emo songs,favourite author:meg Cabot(every girl's fav!!), well she had a perfect teenage life.The article also mentioned that during a truth and dare session she told her friends.."i will be there with ul..even if I'm not physically present" well..the line she quoted pretty well came true..! You never know when the clock turns where??Just before her birthday,she was murdered!!its dreadful and upsetting! When i first heard about it last year..i felt really bad for her and her family and a fact she was almost my age and going through the article about her personal life..i could somewhat tell we were quite similar on a few basis.
    Dreams shattered and just passed away in no time! when you dream about becoming "someone" in life and your dreams are shattered in no time!Its awful..Everyone wants to be someone in life! some want to do doctoring,teaching,designing,etc..! Reading the article  reminded me how precious life is.Every time i pray, i pray to God to give me a long and happy life..though life cant be only "happy"there are times of sorrow and pain but i always pray for a long life and that my dreams come true:) amen.I made a decision to myself to do my work on time and make the most out of has a variety of things to offer..!chalk up mistakes as in the present to get a bright future!:)"your past does not have to predict your future"

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