30 things about me:)


Well...these are just random 30things about myself:)
1.I'm originally from Mumbai but settled in Pune and presently in Jeddah.
2.i can be really sensitive...!!! i get upset for the lamest things!!
3.My dream is to be a fashion stylist/designer!!(a successful on
4.i waste my time alot..and later regret it..!
5.i hate my present school coz my previous one, back in
Pune was way better!!!
6.I miss my sister,brother,friends and school alot!!

7.I love writing my diary!!
8.there are very few people who know the real me COMPLETELY!!

9.i can be very lazy at times..!
10.i love reading! and
my favourite books are by Meg Cabot and the twilight saga!!
11.i spend alot of my leisure time on the Internet..surfing about different things like fashion updates,social networking,creative
stuff,inspirational quotes,etc..
12.I love Fashion..!! and maybe thats one of the reason i want to be a designer..!
13.I personally look up to many people, other than celebrities i admire my elder sister and brother and would like to be like them in a few ways!! :)
14.I respect my parents and i love them alot coz i think they have brought me up perfectly and who i am is because of them and i appreciate whateve
r they do for me
15.Among the teen sensations i idolize Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato,Taylor swift and Hilary duff(though she ain't a teen anymore;0)
16.I take time to adjust with new people and new places
17.I'm really shy in public..though not that much now..!
18.i have stage fright though sometimes i do take part in programmes
19.i like sitting alone and listening to music and thinking deeply

20.i love teenage movies like sisterhood of the travelling pants,mean girls,step up 2,camp rock,etc

21.I love taking pictures of myself!! self obsession i guess..?!!?!
22.i can be really stupid sometimes
23.I don't really love Jeddah comparatively to Pune but yet this city rocks..!! each place has got its pros andcons
24.I get attached to some people alot and its hard to stay without them!!

25.i love surprises!!(who
26.i like to be independent in my own ways!
27. I love being with my friends and family!!
28.i value my family and friends alot...i love them no matter what!
29.i love thinking about the pretty past and bright future(everyone does right??)

30.i love myself!!!

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Saadique said...

v v impressive mithi.....keep up the good work

Huda Merchant said...


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