My Life: A movie..!?!?!

Sometimes i see my life as a movie..! but a different one, not an inveterate comedy or love story...a movie which has it all..!comedy,tragedy,love,friendship,etc...sometimes when certain things happen i feel i'm the luckiest girl!!! and then when things fall apart i feel broken... but between all this its not like I don't wanna live..! everyone wants to live to the fullest and have a happily ever after..!No, I'm not talking about prince charming or any of those fairy tales..! Its about achieving our dreams through all the obstacles which come through the way to success and when we fail and yet have a ray of hope to make things better and give it another try..!I see my life exactly somewhat like that...through the road i find humps ..which slow me down a bit but then i enjoy the smooth road afterwards..staying on the humps is not a good i MOVE ON or say PLAN AHEAD for the brighter future..!Life is Perfect just the way it is....even though the bad times...again the good times are out there waiting to surprise us..!I always cribbed and complained of how unfair life can be towards me but i don't think so that works..! it makes things worse..I should well better see the beautiful things in my life--my pretty past,my family,friends,etc...i think we all should love our life and work towards it if its got cracks in it..! And as they say"sometimes things fall apart for other things to fall into place"it is so true..i have experienced it!! and everyone does..!!!!Even through the turbulent of times ...we might feel all broken down but up there God is planning a better picture for us..!

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Wafa Naser said...

AWESOME BLOG! u've gt a great writing skill!! Keep blogging!:D

Huda Merchant said...


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