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There are some things that leave us overwhelmed. Dumbfounded. Knocked over with a feather. There are some things that move us. From one thought to another. Strings of emotions.  Sometimes, these feelings also put themselves into the boxes within us and we call ourselves lost. Lost in another world. Illusions.Fantasy. Disorientation. Hey there reality!

Recently, I watched Highway. For those who don't know, a Bollywood movie directed by Imtiaz Ali. No, it's not your conventional Bollywood movie. No, I'm not putting together a typical review or film description. Google that for yourself or better, watch it. It's rather beautiful and most importantly, simple. Simple put across with an element of beauty. It was a visual treat pulled together with simple emotions expressed. It was slightly different. It included the overlooked meanings within. The simple things like, the differences between the poor and the rich. How confusing is to perceive what's wrong and right when society pulls in their own notions and rules. How confusing is to judge what's the truth and a lie, or rather our perceptions of them. How important is spontaneity? Letting go. Realizations. Standing up for yourself. Speaking out. Giving. Love. Loss. Family.Hope.

Books often leave me overwhelmed. Dumbfounded. A good book. A book that weaves together words to make sense. Meaningful words. Words worth being inspired by.Some books also put me in this box and then, I call myself lost. It's stirring how movies and words are able to tell stories in a way that evoke emotions. Inspire. It's only the difference between shots and words.Camera angles and paragraphs. Music and punctuations.Sequences and chapters. The difference of putting together the film on to the reel and weaving words to paper.

I'm more of a bookish person though. Words often leave me overwhelmed. Inspired. Moved. But, sometimes movies do the same. And, sometimes they also move me to write a post.

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Anonymous said...


Huda Merchant said...

Typo, sorry.
And thanks for pointing it out.

Burhanuddin Kapasi said...

I see you're writing style has changed ;) More like me ish.

Huda Merchant said...

Really? I don't know.
I'm getting a little copywriting influence, short sentences. And things being learnt everyday, in college and books of course :P

Anonymous said...

It's pretty good how u can write so well. I've seen people say she writes good he writes good. But what according to me ur words ur way of writing contains has deepness, has feelings you know. Like there's so much meaning into a simple sentence you write. You're a great inspiration to me. Thanks :) it's amazing really ! Your words are magic :)❤️

Huda Merchant said...

Awww thank you :') This comment means a lot to me. I wish I knew who this was. Thank you! And
I am glad that I am able to inspire you. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ! I'm so inspired by you! It changed my life if you really see. I try to see things from your point of view keep checking for your new posts. Thankyou ❤️

Huda Merchant said...

Awww, I'm flattered :) I am glad that my words have had that power to inspire :')
Who is this anonymous someone?

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