My first weekender

The Music. The lanterns high up above. The numerous stalls and the colourful atmosphere. The moderate weather and the music within. The hippie-dressed girls and happy faces. It was my first experience at the NH7 Weekender and I loved almost every bit of it. From tiring volunteering and work hours to swaying away with the music in the crowd. From running around making sure the food stalls are doing okay to chilling on the cold soft grass. From being heated all day in the sun to selling coconut water at a stall. Smiling at strangers and meeting old old friends. Every part of the three days spent, whether we were dying of the heat or cribbing about how much of a hassle event management could be. At the end of each day I felt happy and yes, extremely tired. I felt happy because the environment was such, my friends were such and all those times complaining about the pettiest things didn't matter cause it was worth it. After all, the 'feel-good' factor is what matters.
       Here are some pictures from the happiest festival in town, The third NH7 weekender at Pune. Mainly pictures from The Dewarists stage. My first experience here as I volunteered under The Crew Hospitality Team for Food & Beverages.

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