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Recently, I've been enrolled to these communication-based classes , Toastmasters. For all those who don't know about this; It's an International organization, to help people develop leadership and speaking skills. So, well since I'm a shy person and have been trying to change that, this is just one of the initiatives. So far, the sessions have only begun, only done with about 3 sessions , spoken all three times; at first as a table topic speaker later as an evaluator and most recently I was assigned the role of one of the prepared speakers; We are supposed to be speaking for about 4-6 minutes regarding any topic,related to yourself or an experience. Anything that will give the crowd a better picture about yourself. I decided to write about how I got into writing, how I got to where I am, since they'd mentioned once telling me I could use my writing experience for my speech. So well, here it is. What I spoke, not exactly word to word, since the knots in my stomach didn't let me do so. Nonetheless, I received the most votes amongst the speakers, which was honestly, pretty unexpected. All I can say is, I'm glad I'm improving somewhere and that, this is at least taking me somewhere, to a better point. Or at least I hope so.

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote; "You cannot runaway from a weakness, you must sometimes fight it out or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?"

Speaking out, stage fright and being shy stand as my major weaknesses. So here I am, trying to fight this out.
I'm sixteen, Not silent and calculating or loud and outspoken, I'm probably somewhere in between.
I love reading, writing, fashion, admiring art, travelling, getting to know more people, blogging, and a million other little things that would probably require lot more time. For, in the list of things I love, comes my favorite show, One Tree Hill. I wouldn't just consider it as one of those shows you watch for entertainment, but its something that I've been inspired from a little to little things, which brings me to a part of a dialogue; "How many moments in life can you point to and say, "THAT'S WHEN IT ALL CHANGED".
          Well, for me..there have been two very significant moments in my life that have changed my life from the views of different angles and shaped me into the person I am today.
         The first time my life ever took a huge turn over was about 8-9 years ago, back in grade 3 when I moved from Jeddah to a new city in India for a rough period of about 6 years. It was a tough start but eventually led on to a beautiful life spent there with a series of occurring jiffs that really did change me little by little. But, leaving that aside, cause the story to that would probably require lot more time than I'm given. I wanted to speak about THE most significant and rather most recent moment to which I can look back and say "THAT'S WHEN IT ALL CHANGED" .
 It's when I moved back to Jeddah, to which I thought as the worst moment back at that time. But, eventually..Now I can say.. It was probably the best decision fate fixed upon. It's funny how much a new city, new people, new surroundings and new chances can do to you.

           So, the beginning year of moving back here proved to be pretty bad for me, or rather sad and depressing. I was away from two of my siblings and had left behind my life and friends. I felt malice to attend my new school, counted days for vacations, felt extremely lost and boredom played an important role during that time, which led my brother to advice me on starting a blog, to pass time and expand my interest in fashion by writing about it. I eventually started writing about fashion and other things that interested me. With time I was learning and at the same time gaining a fresh interest in writing. I discovered it as an infusing way of communication.
       So, well..exactly a year back, during a personal initiative of a school research project to a press;'The Saudi Gazette' I gained the opportunity to write for them. As I was called for the following meeting, I expected other young writers to be there, but to my surprise I was the youngest amongst other journalists and regular writers which instantly gave me the knots in my stomach. But, gradually with every meeting, I was learning, exchanging ideas and stories and was officially one of their freelance writers.
      My first story/article published was in relation to a hi-tech fair at the british international school, followed by ten others, including interviews with people, like one of the first ladies from the chamber of commerce, a creative director from a famous french patisserie, young photographers at an auction,graduating graphic designers,etc.
        However, after a period of roughly 6-7months, with the change in management and rules, freelancing had to stop. But, with this experience, I discovered a passion for writing, learnt A LOT and I'd always say to myself that this probably only happened with the entire sequence of fate bringing me back to this place and eventually letting me espy my inner passion.

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Fathima Zahra said...

Inspirational and prefect. :)

Huda Merchant said...

I'm glad :')
Thank You!

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