It's you and me..(1)


There she came down in her plain yet exquisite, just below the knee black dress and there he was waiting for her. This was their first.
"So... what took you so long?"
"I'm a girl, I take time to get ready" *smiles*
"Ooh, Yeah yeah true!! *chuckles*
"Ummm, you look gorgeous!!"
" Thank you very much!! You look really cute and handsome too!"
"Yeah, thanks. So, should we go to the garden or where?"
"Yeah, garden is a good idea.."
They walk and just talk a little of the usual stuff...In about 10 minutes they reached the garden. The garden was quite empty since it was 9 pm and most of the people had returned home by that time.They choose a spot and go and sit there.

"By the way, I got something to snacks" opens her bag, and removes a pack of lays, dairy milk, a medium bottle of 7 up and two glasses.
"Oh, that's cool! and by the way, I got this little candle that I could hide it properly from you." removes a candle and a matchbox.
"Ooh, That's  so sweet !"
He put the candle in the between and when he's just about to light it..
"Hey, let me do it please!"
"oh okay, sure."
She tries to light it..but she always gets petrified and throws the matchstick.This happened for about 3 times.
"I can do it, give it to me."
"No, I can!"
"Yea yea sure"
"Hey! don't think I cant light a candle haan, I can "
He chuckles looking at her..stares at her while she was still trying.
"C'mmon now give it, you can't do it."
"Ugh , okay whatever. You think you're too smart na!!"
"Hmmm, yes i am" *laughs*
He lights the candle in a second.She comes closer to the candle light, and he looks at her admiringly.
While talking and talking about random stuff, like school,friends,movies,songs, etc..they open up the lays packet and then the drink..and then
"I got my I-pod and speakers too!"
" Awesome..switch it on!"
"Yea..just second."
He switches on the I-pod and plays 'Fantasy'
"Now, stand up !
"You always wanted to dance right? so come and dance with me."
She stands up, he gives her his hand..and then right in front of the little lighted candle..they slowly start..
His hands are on her waist and her arms around him.
"Thank you man!"
"You know I always wanted this candle night, A dance like this and you know....It's one of my favourite songs too"
"Yeah, I do..that's why all this na"
She looks downwards and smiles shyly....

she looks so adorable when she smiles..damn, okay..chill dude chill..this is going on really well..

Let me be your Fantasy
I know you dream of me
Every time you fall asleep
And when you think of me
Just close your eyes and dream

The music stops in about 3 minutes and then they look into each others eyes..for the first time..
She gets goosebumps and he smiles lightly..
Then, she looks down and then they sit down where they were.


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Sunakshi said...

super cool ^_^

*pat on back*

loved it xD

Huda Merchant said...

:-) wait for (2) I dint get the time to complete the entire story =) and .. Thank you!!

Thamanna said...

Love this ur story...its really romantic....

sulagna said...

*ear to ear smile*

after reading your blog :)

Huda Merchant said...

@thammana: It's still not complete, and thanks :-)

Huda Merchant said...

@sulgana :-)

Disguise said...

I am very proud!
SO well written.

Huda Merchant said...


Rishi said...

sweet.. very touchy

Huda Merchant said...

:-) thank you!!

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