Little pleasures

There are somethings in life which have its own pleasures. Little to little things make you happy, they warm your heart and add a smile to your face.

Yesterday while looking at the waves and the sound they make...I was just thinking of all the different things that make me happy...or give me pleasure like just walking on cold sand, getting wet in the rains! Even the little to little everyday life things...Just think about it. 

                                            Little pleasures of my life:
1. Walking on cold sand at the beach on a pleasant evening
2.Listening to my favourite songs on high volume.
3.Having water when I'm really very thirsty
4.Falling asleep when I'm dead tired.
5.Walking all alone at night with my best friend.
6.Midnight swims!!
7.Talking to someone I love for a very long long time. 
8.Having ice-cream when its very sunny!!
9.Looking at Robert Pattinson :P
10.Jumping in puddles and getting wet in the rains!!
11.Screaming and jumping when something really good has happened.
12.The feeling when I came to India after 7 months and it just rained...the smell of the after rains!!! love it!
13.When someone you love says 'I love you' after a long time.
14.Looking at old pictures and smiling.
15.Looking at the mirror when I'm looking really cute :P ( yes, I'm sort of self obsessed) 
16.Cuddling into the blanket when its a chilly night.
17.Meeting loved ones (sister, brother, best friends,etc) after a very long time.
18.HUGS from few selected people :-)
19.Walking on a windy evening and your hair flying by. dreaming!
21.The feeling when you have just bought the best of clothes and other stuff.
22.Laughing your head off and then your stomach hurts!! :D 
23.Holding hands.
24.Doing crazy and retard things

And so many more!! some little to little things make one smile  :-) what are the little things in everyday life which make you smile or make you feel good ? :-)

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Disguise said...
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Disguise said...

I agree with each and one of those things.
There are somethings in life which are probably very little, but then they're priceless :)

Huda Merchant said...


Thamanna said...

there r little things...that we often dont even realise..
its a really good thought! ♥♥love ya!♥♥

Huda Merchant said...

yea :-) thanks. love ya too! <3

Lavender said...

Yup I so agree esp the walking on wet sand bit :)

sulagna said... are 14 and you write so well!!! gosh..what will you churn up at 20??

Huda Merchant said...


:-) Yea, I love walking on wet sand makes me feel soo good :-P

Huda Merchant said...


didi i should say since you're much elder to me :P

thank you so much for the compliment!

wondering shadows said...

u have greater blog than me :)
btw thnks for visiting
i totally agree with u
those are some of the things
sort of we couldnt
afford to live not with
appreaciate it till we can
hold on to very last part

Huda Merchant said...

aww thanks!!

sulagna said...

happy new year babe!!

lots of love..


Huda Merchant said...

thank you and same to you! :-)

Sunakshi said...

Beautiful blog :)

keep writing.

Following you,not because i want you to follow mine..don't take it wrong ^_^

Huda Merchant said...

Thank you !!

Hehe Yea its okay..I dint take it wrong anyway =)

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